Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Behind the Barbed Wire

Like my new picture?
I was browsing and this one caught my eye. Considering the number and variety of prints they offer it might seem like a strange choice. But I knew as soon as I saw it - this is Camp Swampy!

Okay so we don't have a blue door or a cat. But we do have a chainlink fence with barbed wire on top. Really, it's true. For me this picture captured the essence of being on the inside looking out.

Besides I was in a pissy mood yesterday. Decided to try a new writing program. I downloaded the trial version and installed it at Camp Swampy. I know I'm not supposed to do my own thing at work but give me a break - I'm imprisoned here 9 hours a day, plus 1.5 hours traveling time.

Anyway, Liquid Story Binder is a beautiful program. The interface is gorgeous. It's got every conceivable bell and whistle - from color schemes to image galleries to music playlists. I wanted to love it. I was almost ready to buy it. You know we writers love our toys. So I played and played and played. Didn't get much writing done but finally I settle down and revised my first chapter. I saved everything and took the files home on my memory stick.

After dinner I sat down at my computer and got ready to play. I copied the files from stick to harddrive and opened my first chapter. No revisions. Where the heck were they? Maybe I didn't copy them from my stick. I did it again. Still no revisions. I opened the files from the stick. Nope they weren't there. Shit!

This morning I opened the program at work and there was the revised chapter. I still don't know why it didn't make it to my memory stick. Obviously I did something wrong. But should the learning curve be this difficult. Believe me I know how to copy files.

So my final opinion is - it's not for me. I don't want to spend a lot of time learning a new program or playing with extras when I should be writing. Ywriter is still at the top of my list.