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Seeds of Oden by J.L. Oiler

Love paranormal? Here's an excellent new release by J.L. Oiler. Seeds of Oden just came out today and she's sharing an excerpt. Enjoy!

Paranormal/Horror, Time-travel, Sci-fi/Fantasy
Published By: Rebel Ink Press LLC
Published: Jun 14, 2011
ISBN # 9781937265069
Word Count: 94,700
Heat Index : 5 Flames

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Blood Dance

The Crimson Erotica is Pittsburgh’s hottest nightclub and patron’s wait in line for hours to get through the door. No one would ever imagine, however, that it's something far different or that the shapely dancer who owns the club along with her two sisters is far from an ordinary human.

Named for the god of war, Ares has always lived up to the reputation. Born to be the bloodmate of Kaden, one of the leaders of an ancient race of vampire’s who've sworn to protect mankind from their predatory counterparts, Ares is torn between her promise to reunite her siblings and her desire for the one man who makes her pulse race.

Can Ares surrender to her destiny and help protect mankind from the evil that stalks them? Or will she just continue to sway in the denial of the Blood Dance...

Blood Dawn

Sol has always been different. Unlike the humans who surround her, Sol's nights are filled with meeting her craving for blood and protecting the residents of her small community from the evil vampires known as the Clage. Even to her own kind she's an anomaly. Her unique ability to walk in the sunlight sets her apart from any of her eleven missing siblings. Despite this, Sol builds herself a calm and relaxing home, moving about unnoticed, until the Clage and a breathtakingly gorgeous Nicaean male invade her world.

Forced to battle to reach the sisters she thought were lost and reunite her family, Sol also has an obligation to the humans she's sworn to protect. But worse, she has a growing love for only man who can make her feel complete. Can Sol learn to except her differences and give herself completely over to the breaking of Blood Dawn?

Blood Denial

Loki knew the Nicaean that looked at her hungrily was trouble from the moment she laid eyes on him. What she never imagined, however, was that the condescending egomaniac would send her running for the hills or that she'd never be able to get the taste of him off her lips.

As the Clage move in with hopes of destroying Loki's world, can she let go and learn to live and love again and fight beside of the man who already owns her heart? Or is she bound to continue to run in a constant state of Blood Denial?

“I rage against the denial of what I do not wish to accept, all the while knowing that despite my defiance, the truth is always the truth and no means of rejection will make it otherwise.”



"You suppose they know who we are?" Loki asked the others as she toyed with the Celtic pendent that hung around her neck. It belonged to her mother, a memento their father retrieved from the Asylum vault at her request. Normally such things were claimed by the patient’s family when their loved ones passed, but no-one had even known the woman’s name, let alone if she had any family.

"If we could find our blood mates then we wouldn’t be in such danger," Cere stared off dreamily and her sisters rolled their eyes. There may have only been twelve hours difference in their ages, but Ares would swear it was more. Not that any of them looked to be over the age of twenty five or anywhere close to their true age.

"Just what we all need, males telling us what and when we can do things," Ares added sarcastically. Their father may have intended his twelve daughters, each named for an ancient Norse, Greek or Roman god, to be the blood mates of the Nicaeans, but Ares had no intention of being anyone’s playmate. The women hadn't even been able to find their entire group of siblings, yet. They’d searched ever since that fateful night that left the daughters separated and as a result, Ares didn’t have time to cater to the needs of some overbearing male, predestined or otherwise. Ares had been the first born and Cere last, their DNA specially engineered to match and amplify the strength of their predestined mates, the Nicaean warriors who much like the sisters, were vampires for lack of a better term. The hybrid births of the sisters to human mothers had come at a cost, however.

While life of each mother had been forfeited upon the child’s birth, their father had seen to each of their needs right up to his own untimely death. Dr. Nash was a brilliant man, well beyond his time in the realm of science and technology. Some of his basic theories were just now considered to be on the threshold of innovation or invention.

The sisters spent the first twenty years of their lives housed in an ancient estate outside of Charleston, South Carolina. They were trained, schooled, and prepared for the role their father planned for them from the moment they were born. But all of that changed in a single night of death and destruction, a night that left the sisters scattered to all corners of the world and changed how they viewed themselves and their role in this war forever.

Someone in the inner workings of the estate had fallen under the influence of the Clage, a group of warring vampires whose entire existence was based on death, destruction, and world domination. In exchange for what the person must have thought was immortality, someone Dr. Nash trusted sold the location and security codes to the estate to their sworn enemy. The attack came at dusk as most of the estates occupants were waking. The Clage attacked mercilessly and from every possible direction. The dim minded minions were no stronger than ordinary humans but they didn’t fear death which made them reckless and highly dangerous. Since the attack, a death sentence was rendered to any Clage member stupid enough to wander into the Crimson Erotica.

Ares wasn’t certain whether the first objective of the raid had been to capture them or kill the sisters. She only knew that it destroyed everything she’d ever known. She, Cere and Loki had been the last to escape the raging inferno that erupted during the assault. How many others survived or where they were was still unknown. Ares recalled brief glimpses of some of them during the attack. She was certain she’d seen Chaos jump through one of the large picture windows. Ares had spoken briefly with Sol, but they’d been separated by falling debris and what happened to her after that was unknown. Ares, Loki, and Cere fled to the outskirts of Pittsburg and through some clever investing and a few favors from some of the cities paid officials, the girls managed to secure their club. They considered it their own sort of revenge and social service club. After all, as Ares always said, the only good sucker was a dead one.

Author Bio:

JL Oiler grew up in the mountains of West Virginia where she still lives with her husband and children. She is a graduate of Fairmont State University in Fairmont West Virginia, and holds a Master’s degree from Ball State University in Muncie Indiana. She always possessed a passion to create stories to entertain her friends and family, but life led her on a variety of paths before she found the opportunity to return to the dream of writing stories to share.

JL currently has stories with Rebel Ink Press and Silver Publishing. She enjoys the Erotic Paranormal genre, but has dabbled in other areas of romance as well. Her first release came in January of 2010, since that time she has had multiple individual releases as well as the opportunity to work on several anthologies. She can often be found chatting about upcoming events or releases on facebook .

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