Saturday, May 22, 2010

Everlong by Hailey Edwards

Everlong by Hailey Edwards is a blend of paranormal romance and fantasy guaranteed to enchant readers of both genres. It's a satisfying tale of love and self-discovery that succeeds on multiple levels.

Maddie's mother is an Askaran Queen but her father was a winged slave. When she was born, her stepfather tore her wings off and she's felt disfigured all her life. The time comes for Maddie to take her place as an Askaran heiress but during the ceremony something goes wrong. Her protector, Harper, an Evanti slave takes her and her stepsister, Emma away from Askara. He makes sure they're safe and returns to fight in the rebellion. Harper goes missing in action and is presumed dead. Maddie is devastated but eventually an attraction develops between her and Clayton Delaney, a town benefactor. But Maddie has no idea he is really Harper's brother. When she discovers Harper may be alive, she's forced to make a hard choice.

The carefully crafted plot hooked me on page one with a well-choreographed fight scene. I really enjoyed the first-person narrative. Edward gets into her heroine's head and makes her a flesh and blood character. The rest of the cast is equally memorable with enough emotional heft to take the story to its ingeniously conceived ending. Adventure, fascinating characters, exotic places and sensual romance combine to provide an entertaining read.

Publisher: Samhain
ISBN: 978-1-60504-953-3
Price: $5.50

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Hour by Michele Scott

Happy Hour by Michele Scott is a book about friendship and four strong independent women who support each other through some tough challenges. The story embraces themes of love, trust, starting over, dealing with the past and looking forward to the future.

Jamie is a single mother and the editor-in-chief of a Wine Lovers magazine. She's grieving the death of her husband while taking care of a daughter and also her senile mother-in-law. Kat is a sommelier at a restaurant she owns with her chef husband, Christian. She's having a hard time dealing with her ex and her husband's ex, while trying to make their blended family work. Danielle is a vintner of a fabulous new winery. She finds herself entrenched in a family crises when her eldest daughter comes home from college and drops a bombshell on her. Alyssa is a gallery owner and artist with skeletons in her closet. She's about to get married when her past catches up with her. The women get together every other Sunday for Happy Hour. They share wine, food and offer each other insight that helps them cope with their problems.

The author knows how to tell a story and she captured my interest immediately. The family dramas are told separately but Scott brings them together seamlessly. The characters are wonderfully drawn, realistic women with real emotions and plenty of conflict to bring them out. Although heavy problems are addressed, the book is not a downer. Ms Scott's wonderful voice and a touch of humor lighten the mood. The story is thought provoking, inspiring and entertaining at the same time. Two thumbs up for this one.

Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided to me at no cost. This review is my honest opinion of the work

Publisher: CreateSpace (October 31, 2009)
ISBN: 978-1449505578
Paperback: 318 Pages
Price: $12.99

Monday, May 10, 2010

Release Date for Call of the Wilds

I didn't do much reading but I had a great Mother's Day weekend. Got to spend time with the kids and grandkids. I also got some very exciting news from my publisher.

My manuscript came back for final approval and - insert drum roll please - Siren will release CALL OF THE WILDS May 27 in electronic format, the print version will follow.

It's a shape-shifter story, the first of a series set in the Pennsylvania Wilds. I'll let you know when the excerpts are posted on their site.

Hope you all have a great week!