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Asylum by Cassidy Hunter

ASYLUM, Cassidy Hunter's shape shifting romance is hot and steamy! And the exciting plot is a page-turner. Cassidy is sharing an excerpt today. Enjoy!


After defeating the bears in Sanctuary, Kimberlyn, Logan, Andrew, and Elijah discover new passions and have a few peaceful months exploring their deep love and hot passions.

The peace ends when Kimberlyn stumbles upon a vampire who begs Logan for asylum, and Logan has no choice but to grant it. The vampire has a hidden agenda, and once he has Kimberlyn addicted to him, the wolves must keep him alive at any cost. If he dies, Kimberlyn dies.

With the vampires comes the wolves’ fifth -- and a whole new set of problems when Kimberlyn refuses to share her men, can’t get enough of the vampire, and finds new desires with this unusual addition to the pack.

Asylum is available at Loose Id:

Cassidy's Website:


Fate ruled the world. It was easy to fight something you could see. Fate, though, that bitch, hid in dark, musty corners, jumping out to blindside a person when they least expected it. She then ran away cackling, satisfied she was leaving behind chaos and confusion.

Who knew why? Maybe she was just that cruel.

Or maybe, maybe it only seemed that way to those whose lives she touched, whose paths she twisted, making it impossible for them to reach the end without tripping over carefully placed rocks, crashing into suddenly appearing trees, and falling into deeply dug holes.

Elijah Berry sat contemplating Fate, thinking about how she’d fucked with him until he was pretty much as confused as a man could be. All he’d wanted was to take care of the boss, to stand on one side as Andrew stood on the other and be the iron fist where Andrew was the sweet-talker. And as always, standing between them was Logan, the boss, the alpha, the ruler who kept the pack alive.

But then Fate threw Kimberlyn at them, and nothing had been the same since. Ever since the freaky bond and thirds and fourths and all that mumbo jumbo, a man could barely keep his thoughts to himself. One of them, Kimmy or Logan or even Andrew, was always staring at him like they were somehow listening to the inside of his head, and he didn’t like it. Nope. Not one little bit. And Kimmy—


As though by thinking about her, he’d conjured her, Kimberlyn walked toward him, her hips swaying in invitation, red lips tilting up at the corners as she smiled at him. Just at him. Not Logan or Andrew, but Elijah, the big rough-and-tumble wolf other women tended to shy from in fear.

Or so he liked to think.

Her long red hair streaked over her breasts, covered in the cold winter air by a heavy brown coat. But that coat hid nothing from his imagination. He knew exactly what Kimmy looked like, what she tasted like, the way she looked when he fucked her a little too hard.

“What are you doing out here alone, Elijah?” She squatted beside him, her back against a tree.

He grunted. “Too much noise back at the house. What are you doing?”

She shrugged. “I missed you.”

He snorted. “Yeah.”

He knew without looking at her that one of her slender brows would be lifted. It was a Kimmyism, as he thought of her little characteristics and quirks. She had a hell of a lot of Kimmyisms.

She put a pale hand on his arm. “Are you cold? You’re not even wearing a jacket.”

Again he snorted. “Wolves don’t get cold.”

“I’m a wolf.”

He folded his arms and stared at her. Sitting on his ass with her squatting beside him, and he still had to look down to meet her big green eyes. “You’re a girl.”

She stiffened and snatched her hand away, as he’d known she would. Kimmy was so easy to rattle, it was almost funny. He grinned and looked away, waiting.

“I may be a woman, Elijah, but I’m as tough as you any day of the week.”

“Kimmy, Kimmy. You know better than that.”

She punched his leg. “You’re such an asshole.”

“Now, don’t get mad, Kimmy. I’m only stating a fact.” He jerked her off balance and onto his lap. “Take that coat off and let’s see if you get cold.”

He felt her shiver, and his dick automatically began rising to the occasion. That girl had a way of getting under his skin like no female he’d ever met. Roughly, he began pulling at buttons, finally giving up and just yanking the lapels apart.

“Elijah!” she said as buttons went flying. “You’re ruining it, and this was a present from Logan!”

He paused. “A present? What for?”

She struggled off his lap. “Because Logan is sweet. Because he loves me.”

He stood, blocking her escape. “Well, get the fucking coat off before I rip it to shreds.”

She frowningly studied the damage he’d done but looked up quickly at his words. Or his tone. He was never real sure which. Her eyes narrowed, a sure sign she was pissed. He didn’t mind Kimmy pissed, the little spitfire. She turned him on when she fought him. Just like he turned her on when he took command and control. He knew his Kimmy.

“I’m going back to Sanctuary.” She turned her perfect little nose up at him and spun around, like she thought he’d actually let her go.

He smiled, unable to help himself. “Nah, baby. You’re not.” He grabbed a handful of the back of her coat and yanked her against his chest. “You came for this, didn’t you?” He pushed his fingers inside her coat and felt for the hem of her shirt. He skimmed his fingers over her warm belly, then cupped a soft, naked breast.

She squirmed against him, and he bent his knees so her backside wiggled against his hard cock. “Damn you, Elijah. Why do you have to make me so mad?”

“Why do you have to make me so horny?”


He squeezed her breast, hard. “Shut up, Kimmy. I’ve got better things for you to do with your mouth than talk. Besides…” With his free hand, he unfastened her jeans, thrusting his hand down inside her thin panties. “We’ve got an audience.”

He found her clit and began rubbing, growling low in his throat when she shuddered against him. She sniffed the air. “Elijah, no! Who?”

“Some bored wolves looking for a quick thrill.” He rubbed faster, getting her little clit so excited that she moaned and melted against him. Kimmy was sex.

Regretfully, he took his hands from her body and started pulling at her clothes. “Let’s get you naked, Kimmy girl. And don’t worry, I’ll keep you warm.”

She groaned as he pulled her this way and that, until at last she stood bare and shivering in the cold. Her lips were parted, and she panted slightly, not even attempting to hide her body from him or the hidden, watching eyes.

He couldn’t help but stare for a moment. His Kimmy had a body that would make a man do pretty much anything she wanted, but she hadn’t seemed to grasp that little fact yet. She might be a sweet healer, but she’d also admitted long ago that sex was her drug, and she was extremely addicted.

Something about that, knowing that she couldn’t resist, that she had that much need, drove him crazy. And he liked giving her what she needed. Fuck, yeah.

Her nipples hardened, from the cold or his regard—he couldn’t tell and didn’t care. And while he stood staring at her like a kid staring at the most amazing toy he’d ever seen, she turned and ran.

He groaned. Kimmy was so fucking much work. But he couldn’t think of anyone more worth it. Growling to give her warning that he was hot on her trail, he ran after her.

There were certain perks to being the fourth. His Kimmy was one of the biggest and best.

He followed her through the woods, his gaze upon her white backside. “Kimberlyn, stop!”

But her laugh floated to his ears as the fleet-footed tease nimbly dodged trees and low, reaching limbs, laughing, perhaps, at his clumsy and loud pursuit. He crashed through that which she would have danced around, but Kimberlyn, though fast, would never outrun him.

He could have shifted and caught her, but he didn’t need his wolf to catch a single female. After all, she hadn’t shifted.

Breath billowing from him in great clouds, he drew close enough to hear her pants of excitement, of fear. He knew he could be too rough sometimes, but she surely knew there was a line he wouldn’t cross. But Kimmy liked the…fear.

And he knew that was why she provoked him.

Her squeal as he caught her only fueled his passion, and he bore her to the cold ground. “Did you really think you could outrun me?”

Her chest rose and fell as she panted, her wide gaze plastered to his. “Get off me. This ground is hard. And cold.”

He ignored her words, his mind on the way her breasts jiggled slightly, the way they seemed to grow even bigger when she inhaled. Her nipples were stiff red points, just begging for his mouth. He was happy to oblige.

“Logan wouldn’t like this,” she whispered.

He drew her nipple into his mouth, twirling his tongue around the tiny piece of heaven as he sucked. She dug her nails into his shoulders, arching her back, pushing her nipple farther into his mouth.

“God, Elijah!”

His clothes were restrictive, smothering, and he couldn’t wait to tear them off. Letting her nipple pop from his mouth, he rose up on his knees and peeled off his shirt, just as quickly ridding himself of his boots and jeans.

His cock grew larger and heavier beneath her hot regard, and he watched her as he pushed his boxers over his hips. Hearing her gasp when his cock sprang free pleased him, and he grinned down at her.

“What?” he asked.

“I always forget how enormous you are.”

Yeah, he liked to hear it. What man wouldn’t?

She reached for him. “Get down here, Elijah Berry.”

Asylum is available at Loose ID:

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I Kissed A Girl II: More Virgin Lesbian Stories - Lucy Felthouse

I'm thrilled to have Lucy Felthouse back today. Her story NIMBLE FINGERS, appears in the new release: I Kissed A Girl II: More Virgin Lesbian Stories, inspired by Katy Perry's hit song! Seven returning authors continue to arouse, plus six new authors will not disappoint.

This diverse collection travels the globe and the ages. No two settings or circumstances are alike, proving that women from every walk of life and culture are curious and eager to explore their full sexuality...with each other.

You will be titillated, tantalized and swept away as you:

* Journey to Australia, where two long-time friends discover more than friendship

* Fly to Hawaii, for a language lesson interrupted

* Stop in Costa Rica, for a massage in a tree house

* Travel north to Alaska, where strangers connect

* Across Canada, to discover how co-workers release tension

* Over the Atlantic to the United Kingdom, where a concert is more than guitars strumming

* Close your eyes to wander into a mythical kingdom, where women take charge

* Voyage to historical Italy, to discover things are not always what they seem

* Jet back to the heat of Miami, and be entranced by a goddess, before exploring the rest of the USA to discover a host of erotic lesbian encounters!

Join us as we trot the globe and enjoy out-of-this-world experiences!

Available at Ravenous Romance:

Lucy's Home on the Web:

Creator of:

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Spring Comes to Sanctuary by Cooper McKenzie

Spring Comes to Sanctuary

Welcome to Sanctuary 1

Enjoy an adult excerpt from this new paranormal series by Cooper McKenzie, just released this month.

Categories: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Shape-shifter

Word Count: 22,566
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, sex toys]

Wanting to prove she can be a strong, self-sufficient woman of the twenty-first century, Spring Ryan decides to spend her thirtieth birthday hiking the Appalachian Trail through the Smoky Mountains. Her third day in, she’s ready to give up and crawl back into the small box she’s lived in for a dozen years when a pair of Irish Wolfhounds cross her path. When they turn into gorgeous identical twins, she is amazed, especially when they claim she is their mate.

Adam and Brock Sullivan are the oldest of four sets of twins living in the hidden valley of Sanctuary. They had just about given up on ever finding their mate when they come across her just two miles from their home.

Can Spring make a life for herself in Sanctuary? Will her family accept her decision to live with and love both men?

Available at Bookstrand:


The moment his lips touched hers, Brock’s cock throbbed painfully. He’d gotten hard up on the trail sniffing her scent for the first time. Now he was ready to come just holding her in his arms and kissing her. If she didn’t agree to the mating soon, he might embarrass himself by coming without any further stimulation.

When Spring pressed closer and moaned, “More,” against his lips, he knew it was time.

Lifting his head, he met her burning gaze and smiled. “Does that mean you agree to be our mate?” His wilder side waited impatiently as she paused a single moment before nodding.

“Yes, I want to be your mate, both of you,” she said, reaching behind her to Adam.

Brock grinned over her shoulder as his brother moved to them in a group hug.

“We’ll take good care of you, princess. For the rest of our lives we’ll make you the happiest woman on Earth,” Adam said, as he reached for the buttons of her shirt.

It took no time to strip the shirt from her, and then they sighed together as bare skin pressed against bare skin. Spring trembled in his arms as he ran his hands from the nape of her neck down her spine to cup the full cheeks of her ass. Adam’s hand slid between their chests to cup her full breasts.

“So how does this work?” she panted, punctuating each word with a kiss across the front of his chest.

“Come back to bed and we’ll show you,” Adam said, as he guided them toward the bed.

Once the back of his legs metthe edge of the bed, Brock bent his knees until her pussy was level with his waist. Then he stood, lifting her easily before sitting down and sliding back toward the center of the bed. Once he was in place, he lifted his hips, giving Adam room to slide two pillows beneath them. That would lift their pretty little mate’s pussy to where they could both get at it.

* * * *

Spring found herself kneeling over Brock, the puffy lips that guarded her clit resting against the head of his cock. Though she wanted this, all at once she was uncertain. But before she could say anything, Brock pulled her down and kissed her. When his fingers began to play with her nipples, all thought slipped from her mind like shadows in sunlight.

A moment later she felt warm hands moving across her back then down lower to massage the cheeks of her ass. Then they slid between her wide spread thighs to pull apart the lips protecting her clit. Once those lips embraced his brother’s cock, Adam moved his hands to her hips. He began to ease her back and forth so her clit rode the length of Brock’s cock.

“Ooh.” She breathed when Brock released her lips. “More. I need more,” she then pleaded, not sure exactly what she was asking for, just voicing her need.

Instead of verbally answering, Adam moved in behind her. Leaning over her, he kissed the nape of her neck right before she felt his cock at the hot, open entrance to her pussy.

“Are you sure, princess?” he asked, stopping with just the tip inside her.

“Yes, Adam, please make me yours.”

Lifting her head, she turned it as far as she could to see Adam’s tight, passionate expression. His green eyes met hers and glowed like neon as he slowly pushed his long, thick erection into her.

“Yes,” she purred, arching her back up to meet him. Her breath caught when the move pressed her clit even harder against Brock’s cock.

Adam paused for an endless few seconds once he was fully seated inside her. “God, you feel so damn good, princess. I don’t think I’ll be able to last,” he said in a deep, growly voice that sent shivers of need through her.

“I know I won’t unless you get your ass moving,” Brock replied, his voice equally deep and rough.

“So move, already,” she demanded, fighting Adam’s hold on her hips. She could almost reach out and touch her orgasm, but needed just a little more before she could fully embrace it. “I’m so close. I need…please…Adam, fuck me.”

Her words, as well as the wiggling of her hips, seemed to shred the last of his control. Pulling back until just the head remained within her pussy, Adam began a hard, fast rhythm,the angle of which pressed her clit even harder against the underside of Brock’s cock while he continued to play with her tits.

It wasn’t long before every nerve in her body ignited as the two brothers worked together for her satisfaction. “Oh, God, I’m coming,” she screamed, dropping her head to Brock’s chest as fire raced from her clit up her spine to her brain, then out to every molecule in her body.

Adam called out a moment later, just before she felt the brothers sucking on the skin at both sides of her neck where they flared into shoulders. The slight pain prolonged her orgasm, turning the fire that raced through her white-hot. As the pain and the pleasure continued, Adam pulled his cock from her and Brock immediately slid his in to fill her pussy.

Cooper McKenzie's Website:

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Identity Crisis by Lila Munro

Identity Crisis a new release by Lila Munro is one hot story! - Multiple Partners, BDSM. Lila is sharing an excerpt today. Enjoy!

Someone once said, you never truly know a person,

Chad Dearborn was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was given everything a person could want and more, country clubs were his daycares and Paris and London his playgrounds. Heir to Dearborn Inc., Chad stands to inherit a veritable fortune. But the problem is his parents want to gift him the perfect wife to go with it. A woman in the form of a molded, plastic, jet set dolly. Certainly not Chad’s idea of an ideal mate. He wants a woman that can hold her own, in and out of the bedroom. Who knew he’d find her in one of Portland’s hottest leather clubs? Chad was fascinated by what went on there, but something just wouldn’t let him cross that line.

until you sleep with them.

Country clubs? Europe? The closest Tori Myers ever came to those things were the covers of magazines. With an absent father, a less than attentive mother and nowhere to go, Tori finds herself drawn to an alternative lifestyle at the tender age of eighteen. Vertigo is a treasure chest of Dom’s willing to give her anything she wants. But when Chad Dearborn walks through the door, Tori figures out sometimes what your heart wants isn’t necessarily what your body is willing to compromise to have.

Or do you?

The thing that just wouldn’t let Chad cross the line with his sexuality has come home to roost. And as a result, he's faced with a huge decision. Accept who he is and what he wants. Or continue to fight the biggest identity crisis of his life.

Available at: All Romance




An electric hum sizzled across Tori Dearborn’s sun kissed skin, setting the tiny hairs on her arms and on the back of her neck on edge as she stared at the outfit hanging over the closet door in her bedroom. It was quite a number. A set of red leather chaps accompanied a red leather corset and matching g-string. Tori walked over and buried her face in the chaps, inhaling deeply, and a slow, delicious warmth enveloped her sending a dull ache straight to the core of her womb. Leather. New leather. God how that smell turned her on.

Tori reluctantly pulled her face away from the chaps long enough to notice the accessories set upon her satin covered pillow along with an envelope. She walked over and picked up the red leather handcuffs that lay there. Her fingers glided over the smooth edges of the restraints wishing her husband was home right this minute to try them out on her. But Chad was away on business. It was the first time in their five year marriage he would miss their anniversary, but clearly by the gifts he’d left behind this morning before leaving, he was anticipating quite a homecoming to make up for it.

Never in her wildest imagination would Tori have ever thought to marry someone like Chad Dearborn. Not only was he a successful VP at a top notch land development firm, he’d had the good fortune of growing up in the lap of luxury. He’d enjoyed the best private education money could buy and all the amenities to go along with it. Private country club memberships, private music lessons from some of the world’s elite musicians, and European vacations. But none of those things compared to the one thing about Chad that had almost kept Tori from marrying him. Chad was the most conservative and restrained man she’d ever known. When he’d discovered her lifestyle choices Chad was less than thrilled, but he professed a love so deep he agreed to try to somehow make their relationship work through some creative compromises.

For three hundred sixty two days a year, Tori would be the model conservative wife. She would dress appropriately for the country club life, mingle in all the right circles, and attend all the necessary functions. That wasn’t to say that the lifestyle was completely absent those three hundred sixty two days. In the privacy of their own home, Tori sat at Chad’s feet and he fed her. He put her on a pedestal and she wanted for nothing. And in the bedroom he would occasionally pull out a silk scarf and blindfold her. But the full on, leather and bondage games that Tori thrived on were restricted to special occasions. On those three days of the year, Christmas Eve, Tori’s birthday, and her and Chad’s anniversary, Tori was allowed to be the leather loving submissive that Chad had found in a less than conservative club one night while he was out rebelling against his parents desires for him to marry a stick figure Barbie from the jet set.

It wasn’t love at first sight by any means. In fact, Tori resisted him with sass and even tried to turn him off.

“Hey, Tori,” J.C., Tori’s best friend, said. “Baby Trump over there’s giving you the eye.”

“You mean Richie Rich?” Tori laughed. She’d noticed him when he first walked into Vertigo. “I don’t think he realizes he’s not in Kansas anymore.”

The man J.C. referred to sat at the end of the long stainless steel bar in his faded Lucky low slung jeans and indigo ED Hardy tee shirt. He stuck out like a sore thumb as everyone around him was wearing black or red and most of the attire was leather. Tori could plainly tell he didn’t belong in Vertigo, but he didn’t seem daunted by the fact that he was an anomaly and made himself at home on the black leather clad stool with the big silver rivets all around the edges. Completely oblivious to anyone else, he nursed a tumbler of whiskey and steadily stared at Tori.

“Maybe you should take him on the tornado tour.” J.C. laughed cynically and twirled her flogger around her wrist.

“I don’t think he’s my type, J.C. Maybe you should be the one to break him in…not so gently. He looks like a sub to me. He’s more your type.”

J.C. alit from her stool and left Tori’s side. She walked down the bar and stopped beside the man that didn’t belong. After a few words were exchanged J.C. came back and once again took up residence on the stool next to Tori.

“Well, Madame? Any luck?” Tori asked and took another sip of her Royal Flush.

“Nope. He says to tell you someday he’s gonna marry you,” J.C. told her and laughed again.

“Whatever. He’s just another rich boy out to sow his wild oats before settling down with whichever playmate of the year mommy and daddy have picked out for him.” Tori hopped off her stool. “However, he’s the worst dressed one I’ve ever seen in here. Most of them at least try to fit in for their one night of glory.”

Tori’s eyes met the man’s in a steady gaze and as she maintained that contact, she walked across the dance floor to a Master named Rio. Rio wasn’t a Master by accident. He could take a submissive where he or she wanted to go so well, they often times never realized the trip was so painful. Never breaking eye contact with the man on the stool, Tori allowed Rio to claim her for the night. Rio ran his big hand down the thin silver chain that hung on his belt, took the clasp at the end and attached it to the open lock collar Tori wore around her neck. She shot the man a taunting smile and locked her bright blue eyes on his rich chocolate ones as Rio led her away to a private room.

It wasn’t until the third week in a row of the strange straight-laced vanilla looking prep coming into Vertigo that Tori finally approached him. For three weeks in a row, he’d made his presence known, ordered a whiskey, sat on the end stool and watched as Tori would surrender to another and leave the bar area to go to a private or public room to enjoy her Dom’s company. Every time he came into Vertigo someone would approach him but he refused every single advance each time sending Tori the same message—someday he was gonna marry her. Right. She didn’t know what he was smoking before he came to the club or what he might be having with his whiskey, but Cinderella was a fairy tale and she didn’t wear leather.

“Just what the hell is your game anyway?” Tori asked the man when she finally submitted to his patience.

“No game. You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and someday I will make you my wife,” the man answered and smiled at her.

It was the first time he’d smiled since he’d been coming in the club. Normally he just shared in her staring contest without flinching. His smile was nice and it warmed Tori’s heart.

“You don’t even know me.” Tori licked her bottom lip and drew it under her teeth while staring at his perfect mouth. A mouth she longed to taste.

“What’s your name?”


“Tori what?” he pried further.

“Tori Myers.”

“I’m Chad. Chad Dearborn,” he said and stuck out his hand. “Now we know each other.”

“Do you have any idea where you are, Chad Dearborn?” Tori asked and shook his hand noting it was quite strong and smooth. She glanced down and saw his nails were neatly manicured. “Are you gay?”

“What kind of question is that?”

“Your nails,” Tori started and looked up to see the confusion in his eyes. He really was lost. “Never mind. You don’t really know what goes on in here do you?”

“I have a good idea. I can’t say I’d know what to do, but I’m pretty sure I know what goes on.”

“Wanna watch?” Tori asked and gave him a wicked grin. “Maybe after you see what I like, you’ll change your mind and go back to Kansas.”


“Never mind.” Tori took his hand and laughed. “Come on. Rio never minds sharing or the occasional peeper. I’ve never been shared, but there’s a first time for everything. Right?”

With a smile on her face, remembering that first night Chad agreed to play in one of her games, Tori laid the handcuffs down and picked up the new collar. It was red silk velvet and was studded with diamonds. Fifteen of them to be exact, and all at least a half carat in weight. The clasp and lock looked to be made of platinum and were also encrusted with diamond chips. Chad had gone all out and was apparently ready to play. He hadn’t been so eager that first night though. In fact, she’d had to tell him to leave.

Chad’s face was filled with fear and curiosity as Rio shackled Tori spread eagle between two posts in the public viewing room at Vertigo. Rio left the platform and approached Chad, who appeared to be debating whether he really wanted to watch or not.

“You sure you’re into this, man?” Rio asked with his hand on the other man’s shoulder. “This life isn’t for everyone, but if you want Tori and you’re willing to learn, I’ll teach you.”

“I’m not sure if I can,” Chad said in a wavering voice. “But I know I want her, and if this is what it takes to convince her, then I’m here and willing to try.”

Tori watched as Rio led Chad closer to her. Rio showed Chad where to stand in front of her and told him what was expected of a Dom in this position. Strength. He was to be Tori’s strength. It was a simple enough task. Be the strength. At least Tori thought it was simple enough. All the Doms and Masters she knew had no problem at all with this one simple task. Be the strength. It was the basic rule upon which all others were built.

“You’re gonna give Tori her strength, Chad,” Rio said, looking straight into his eyes.

“How? How do I do that from here and I’m not allowed to touch?” Chad asked, fisting his hands as his sides.

“Through your voice and your eyes. You tell her you’re her strength and you feed it to her through your eyes. Don’t let her look away.”

Chad nodded his head and turned to look at Tori. She was breathless at just the anticipation of what was to come. Tori craved the heat that would flood through her and puddle between her legs as the biting stings of Rio’s whip caressed her back. Depending on Chad to do his part, Tori held her head high and locked her eyes on his. The whirring of leather against air filled her ears and the first strike fell. Chad’s mouth fell open, but not one sound emerged. No praise of her strength of any kind crossed his lips. Snap! Again, Rio delivered a sharp blow to her back and Tori bit back a cry.

“Tori?” Chad whispered hesitantly. His pupils looked like saucers as disbelief and pain swirled around them. “I…”

“Talk to her, Chad,” Rio demanded and administered yet another blow. “Tell her she’s strong, give her your strength.”

Chad took two more steps toward her and stood with more fortitude. His doubt seemed to melt away replaced by a stance of command and he began to feed her.

“You’re doing great, baby,” he said, looking into her eyes, pointing at his. “Look at me. You’re so strong, but you can lean on me. I’m right here. If you need more strength just look at me.”

Tori was shocked that something instinctive took over Chad and he found all the right things to say to her. She’d never have thought the makings of a Dom were inside this evidently spoiled, sheltered rich boy. When Tori’s whimpers turned to cries, Rio stopped. He unshackled her and started to lead her away with Chad not far behind.

“Where are you going with her?” Chad asked.

“To a private room,” Rio said, stopping and turning back. “She needs relief.”

“Of course, pain meds or something.” Chad took a few steps and stopped at the sound of Tori’s voice.

“No, Chad, not that kind of relief,” Tori said. “It’s not the pain on my back that needs relieved as much as the pain between my legs. Unless you can stand to see another man fuck me, or you can stand to share me, you need to leave.”

“Another man? I thought…”

“Thought what? I was kidding about the sharing part? Rio would do all the work and let you reap the reward? I’m not yours. If you want me, you have to claim me. You haven’t yet, Rio did. And unless you can share, you need to leave.”

The look on Chad’s face twisted Tori’s heart. Tori knew that, although Chad had passed the first test, he wasn’t yet able to relieve the ache in her pussy, and he couldn’t stand to see Rio do it. He had to go.

“Go, Chad. This isn’t your lifestyle. You’ve seen enough for one night. Leave. Go back to you silver lined palace and forget you ever met me,” Tori told him as Rio tugged the chain attached to her metal studded black collar and she followed him away with tears flooding her eyes. Tears born of the pain biting the tender flesh on her back, the throb that steadily thrummed in her pussy, and the shredding sensation that encompassed her heart.

What Tori didn’t know then.

Lila Munro on the web:


Published By: Rebel Ink Press LLC
Published: March 8, 2011
ISBN # RIP0001024
Word Count: 26,000
Heat Level: 5

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Dos Lunas by Belinda McBride

DOS LUNAS by Belinda McBride

A Scorching Paranormal/Contemporary. This is part of the print anthology LUCKY IN RED.

Middle brother Diego Lobos has everything he needs. Friends, family, a business, even a great truck, yet there's always a hole inside him that won't be filled. When cool, controlled Victoria Talbot brings in a badly stained dress, he knows she's the one to fill that space. Can he trust her with his secrets if she hides her own?

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Victoria Talbot chewed her pencil as she viewed the footage playing out on her laptop. Figures moved in and out of camera range, sometimes silhouetted under the light of the full moon. They were eerily familiar, yet she couldn't quite identify them.

There was some distance between the camera and its subjects, but it recorded laughter and snatches of conversation, mostly in Spanish. There were three men, all similar enough in appearance to be brothers. They were tall and well built. All three had dark hair, but she couldn't make out their features. She frowned, tilting her head as one man knelt, picking up a stone and tossing it into the woods. A handsome profile was momentarily etched against the moonlit sky. Her heart leapt. She knew him! Well, maybe they'd never met, but he was so familiar. She leaned forward, willing him to turn his head, to look toward the camera, but he remained hauntingly aloof.

Without any preliminaries, the man vanished. He simply wasn't there. A smudgy cloud of smoke whirled and coalesced until a wolf emerged where the man had been.

The pencil snapped in half between her teeth.

She clutched the broken pencil in her sweaty palm and kept watching as the scene repeated itself, until there were no more men in the image, only smoke, and then great, dark wolves.

One raised his head to the moon and howled, prompting the other two to join in an impromptu melody. They shook their luxuriant coats, romped for a moment, and then vanished from view, leaving only a lingering image of the heavy white moon and an empty clearing. And then the screen went blank.

"Goddamn son of a fucking bitch."

Victoria pushed back her chair, dropping her head between her knees, breathing in through her nose and out through her mouth. Once she'd recovered her equilibrium, she sat up and started the clip again. And then she watched it again and again--and again.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Visionquest by Laura Tolomei

Visionquest by Laura Tolomei

GENRE: GLBT (m/m), Horror, Shapeshifter, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, m/m/m, m/m/m/m

ISBN: 978-1-55487-724-9

HEAT LEVEL: 4 flames

RELEASE DATE: November 15th, 2010

PUBLISHER: eXtasy Books

COVER: Angela Water


It wasn’t till he took me to his bed and made love to me, for the first time—no competition between us, no unspoken challenge, no master-slave, no blood, no death, nothing but intense emotions overwhelming me with the sheer power of his feelings, a sea so deep, a tide so strong I thought I’d drown as he took me face up, raising my legs above his shoulders and plunging deep before preying on my mouth, too, in a never-ending kiss that took my breath, not to mention my resolve, away—that in spite of everything, I gave him what he wanted most, my soul in its entirety, for I knew right there and then I was sealing my destiny forever.


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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Pharoah's Concubine by Z.A. Maxfield

I'm a big  fan of  Z.A. Maxfield. I like all her books and I was anxious to read THE PHAROAH'S CONCUBINE. It didn't disappoint, I found it to be another compelling story that focuses on relationships. Here's a peek. Enjoy!


Beauty is only skin deep…until love reveals what lies beneath. As mob boss Yvgeny Mosko’s open secret, Dylan Anderson is happy enough with a passionate, if loveless, arrangement that affords him a life of luxury. But at thirty-six, he wonders how committed Mosko will be to an aging lover.

He finds out when a rival gang kidnaps him in a turf war everyone’s sure to lose. Mosko unleashes deadly force, leaving no one alive except for a young man whose dark eyes tug at Dylan’s heart—and the conscience he thought he’d excised long ago.

Though he tried to stop the kidnapping, William “Memo” Escobar knows Mosko will use what’s left of him to send a powerful message to his rivals. When Mosko’s pampered pretty boy risks everything to help him escape, he can’t believe his luck.

William figures he’s better suited to life off the grid, but as the days go by he begins to realize Dylan’s beauty is more than skin deep. And as Dylan coaxes more and more beguiling smiles from William, he yearns for things—like family ties—he’d thought were best forgotten.

Yet behind their newfound happiness lurks the certain knowledge that no matter how careful they are, Mosko will come for what’s his.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Boleyn: Tudor Vampire by Cinsearae Santiago

I received a copy of Boleyn: Tudor Vampire for review. It's the story of a real historical figure, Anne Boleyn, transformed into a paranormal being. I love this genre and I'm looking forward to reading it. I'll follow up with a review later but for now here's a sneak peek at this dark thriller.


The slightest tweak in history makes all the difference its outcome…

Tudor England. It is during the reign of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. As her time in power nears an end, Anne is greatly disheartened by the false accusations of adultery, high treason and incest she is arrested for, and the cold heartedness of her father for his lack of defense in her honor. Upon her death, she vows revenge on those who have wronged her, and the simple change of her death sentence from beheading to hanging grants her the opportunity to execute her wish on those who betrayed her.

Unknown forces of inconceivable dark magic abounds. Anne discovers she has risen from her grave because of her denouncement of God just moments before her hanging, and resurrects two others from their untimely, wrongful deaths--her brother, George, and her favorite court musician and dear friend, Mark Smeaton. This unlikely trio will drive Whitehall Palace to madness, bringing those closest to Anne to their knees, begging for mercy and forgiveness.

Once Anne executes her justice among those who failed her, the last and final question will be whether Anne will finally have peace, or find comfort in haunting England forever.

GENRES: Horror/Vampire/Zombie
ISBN: 1451559496
EAN-13: 9781451559491



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