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Jillian's Master by Cooper McKenzie

Jillian's Master - Club Esoteria Book 5 is another great edition to the series by Cooper McKenzie.

[Siren Classic: Erotic BDSM Romance, sex toys]

Hall Industries needs a savior, and Jillian’s been tasked with talking Gunner McNeil into being that financial angel.

As soon as he sees the guest submissive, Gunner knows he could spend the rest of his life playing with her. But when an orgasm relaxes him into a short nap, she disappears without a word. On Monday, he meets her again in the capacity as his liaison and guide for the week.

Gunner decides to combine business with pleasure and continues Jillian’s training as he inspects the company. Jillian learns about herself and BDSM under Master Gunner’s tutelage but wonders if she is enough. When Gunner leaves town without a word after naming the conditions for his help, Jillian has to decide if she can make the changes he requires.

Will he return to finish her training? Or will he invest his money in her company without investing his heart in their budding D/s relationship?

Note: This book contains anal sex.


He followed her into the house without comment. Once inside, he did not look around as she expected. Instead, he waited until she closed the door and automatically threw the deadbolt.

Only then did he speak. “Strip.”

Jillian glanced at the windows at the same time she toed off her shoes. One of the big reasons she loved her little house was the many windows that flooded the room with light. Instead of more traditional mini-blinds or full curtains, she opted for café curtains which gave her privacy at the same time it allowed sunlight to stream in through the top half of the windows.

She bit her lip. She’d agreed to this. She wanted him to train her. It was now time to put up or shut up. Without pause, she reached down and struggled to pull her dress over her head without messing up her hair. After laying it on the club chair next to the door, her bra followed and she was naked.

“Mmmm, beautiful,” he murmured, his eyes tracking down her body from hairline to toes. Only then did he look around the room, checking out the furniture. “Come here,” he said, leading the way to the small dining room at the back of the house.

Jillian shivered at the thought of lying over the cold, wooden dining table.

“I don’t have restraints with me, so you’ll have to do it yourself. Put your hands under your breasts as you lie down.” His voice was deeper and darker than she remembered. His tone sent renewed heat shimmering through her.

Once she was in position, he moved up behind her. He shifted her forward so the crease where her thighs met her body pressed tight against the edge of the table.

“Spread your legs,” he ordered, running one hand down her spine, starting at the nape of her neck. “You will receive eight swats for disappearing on Friday night, one for the curse you let slip in front of your father, and the two for putting off this punishment. We will also go over my rules. Repeat them,” he said as his left hand settled in the middle of her back.

“Yes, Sir.”

“First rule you already know. You will not wear panties when you are with me,” he said, right before he slapped each ass cheek sharply.

“No panties,” she gasped as fiery pain shot through her.


“No panties, Sir,” she responded.

“You will not date anyone else while we are together.” Again, a slap to each cheek though not in the same places.

“I will not date anyone else, Sir.”

His hand rubbed over the abused skin, the heat turning pain into a strange, tingling pleasure that worked its way straight to her cunt.

“You will answer my calls no matter where, no matter when.” Slap, slap.

She bit her lip to keep from crying out before saying, “I will always answer your phone calls, Sir.”

“You will wear short dresses or skirts whenever we are together.” Slap, slap.

“How short, Sir?”

“Above the knee. Shorter when we’re alone together or going out but always above the knee.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You will keep your pretty little pussy bare.”
“You’re kidding, right?” she asked, looking over her shoulder.

His answer was three quick, hard slaps, one on each ass cheek and one to the center. She squealed as the pain overwhelmed her.

“You will know when I am kidding. This is not one of those times,” he said as he rubbed his hand over the still burning flesh.

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered with a watery sniff as her tears overflowed her eyes to drip onto the table beneath her cheek.

She sucked a breath when the fingers that had just punished her slid down the cleft between her still-smarting ass cheeks to her pussy. He slid one finger into her cunt and twisted it around.

“Baby, you’re all wet. You liked your punishment, didn’t you?”

Closing her eyes, Jillian fought to remain still. “I like your hands on me, Sir,” she admitted softly with a moan as he ran his other hand up her spine then back down again.

“Then you’ll really like this,” he said before pulling away from her. “Don’t move.”

She heard the clink of a belt and the rasp of a zipper. Then she heard tearing plastic. Shifting her breasts in her hand sent more heat through her as she admitted to herself that she couldn’t wait for what was about to happen.

A moment later, she felt his fingers spreading her lower lips. Then the blunted head of his cock pressed at her opening. As he pushed deeper and deeper, Jillian could only moan at the fullness. He was bigger than any other man she’d been with. Even her vibrator paled in comparison to his thickness as he filled her completely. Arching her neck lifted her head from the table as the hair at the base of his cock brushed against her.

She sucked a breath and made another sound as he leaned over her and his chest hair tickled her back. He shifted to nuzzle at the side of her neck before putting his lips to her ear. “Don’t come.”

She whined as he eased out until only the head remained inside her. He surged forward then set up a fast rhythm, which sent Jillian higher and higher, closer and closer to the orgasm he had just told her she could not have.

As her panting became whimpers, he continued thrusting, each stroke harder and more powerful than the one before it. His pace increased. His breathing sounded rough and harsh in the silence of the room. When she wasn’t sure how much longer she could maintain her sanity and keep from coming, he slid his hands between her chest and the table to cup her breasts. “Now, baby, cut it loose,” he whispered. “Come for me.”

Availble here:

Author's Website:

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* BEACON BAYOU * Force Recon: 1

Lila Munro, BethAnn Buehler, Chris Craven and J.L. Oiler stopped by today to share their new release, Beacon Bayou. It's Book 1 in a hot new series. Pick up your copy. And mark February 28th on your calendar because the authors will be guesting on my other blog and you don't want miss the in depth look at the creation and characters in this exciting new series.

Beacon Bayou
Force Recon: 1

Published By: Rebel Ink Press LLC

Published: Feb 21, 2011
ISBN # 9780983151654
Word Count: 90,300
Heat Index: 5 Flames

You can get your copy of Beacon Bayou after February 21 at:

Looking for a splendid place to visit? Welcome to Beacon Bayou! Come wander Big Thicket National Preserve... For one four man Marine Force Recon team, a vacation was just what the doctor ordered. Or in their case, the team corpsman.

Fresh off a mission in the jungle of South America, rest and relaxation are Recon's number one priorities. But for Gunnery Sergeant Brogan Baker, Sergeant Aaron Wolf, Corporal Regan Maxwell, and Chief Gabriel Sanchez, this vacation will test their strength unlike any mission ever has.

After a string of failed relationships, Brogan Baker is questioning his sexuality. Surely Regan Maxwell can't be the answer to Brogan's problems, can he? Besides, Regan’s a former Hollywood pretty boy just trying to prove he has what it takes while keeping one foot firmly planted in the closet. Then Lily comes along. Can the two men foster their growing relationship and survive the presence of one tiny female?

Aaron Wolf, the unit lost sheep, agreed to the Texas get away thinking he could finally overcome the short comings his father points out every chance he gets. Meeting Scarlet might be the way out Aaron's been looking for, but it’s the beauty Gabe's got his eye on that shows Aaron there’s hope where he thought none existed. After losing his first wife over fifteen years ago, Gabriel Sanchez has sworn off women. But somehow Roslyn Romero manages to capture his heart. The only problem is she's got a host of her own issues that will push Gabe to the brink.

If that which doesn't kill us only makes us stronger, then the Force Recon team will either leave Texas in body bags or they'll have a new found resolve to live life to the fullest. Beacon Bayou beware. Recon never backs down.

Please visit each of us at our respective websites:

BethAnn Buehler:

Chris Craven:

JL Oiler:

Lila Munro:

And check our publisher’s website for more Force Recon Anthologies coming in 2011:

Rebel Ink Press:

Thanks so much for hosting us today and thanks to all the readers for stopping by and spending some time with us! We truly appreciate you all!

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Coming Soon!!
Tracy L. Ranson's new book - PRINCE OF DARKNESS, book 3 in the Bloodborn Series.

And after reading this sneak peek excerpt I'm not sure I can wait until February 24th for the release. See if it doesn't whet your appetite for more. Enjoy!

[Erotic Paranormal Romance, Vampire]


Married to her job cop, Christine McCall wants to find the murderer of her best friend and partner, David Williams. Pushing aside the guilt she feels at not being able to save him from death, Christine reluctantly agrees to allow Drake Haaken, owner of the BESERKER club where David had been killed, to help with the investigation. Thrust into a world that she never knew existed; Christine is torn between her human loyalty and vampire love. The choice she makes may end her life.

Sneak peek excerpt (PG-13):

“Do I frighten you?”

A smooth, silky male voice broke through her thoughts and sent a bolt of electricity dancing up and down her spine. She snapped her eyes open amid her slightly ragged breath. The handsome stranger stood before her, much taller than she imagined. She swallowed the lump in her throat. “Not all at.”

“Good because I do frighten a lot of people.” He swept into a low bow. “Drake Haaken at your service.”

She detected a bit of an accent in his words, but she couldn’t place them. A part-time student of linguistics, she normally could place any lilt, but this one escaped her.

“Thank you, Mr. Haaken, but I really must be going.” Her throat constricted the closer he came, the smell of his musky aftershave overwhelming her no end. Her sex wanted to cream inside of her panties. She’d have to get out of here really fast before anything happened.

He clamped a hand on her arm. “Do you really?”

Bolts of strange desire rumbled up her limbs and stretched out the rest of her body, awakening every inch to his burning touch. She looked down at the strong fingers wrapped around her arm, unhappy with his uninvited clutch. One thing she hated in life was to be touched by people she didn’t know. “Please let go of me.” Quietly, he released her. “I must be going. I have an early day tomorrow.”

The sexy half smile returned, accompanied by a quick jerk of his left eyebrow. “Don’t leave before telling me your name.”

“Christine McCall.” Her open jaw shut. She had inexplicably defied department protocol. She’d never given her real name on any of her assignments, and she wasn’t sure why she did now except a strange feeling compelled her to.

Her nipples puckered beneath the lacy cups of her bra, the hard points pressing hard against the fabric. Thankfully, she’d decided to wear a bra with a slight bit of padding. Otherwise, this stranger could read her desire as easily as he would a book.

“Well, Ms. McCall, it seems as though we’ve got a problem here.”

The weakness in her legs barely kept her standing. “What is that, Mr. Haaken?”

“Music is playing, and we’re not dancing to it.”

Look for PRINCE OF DARKNESS at Bookstrand:
Author's Website:

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The Cop's Mate by Cooper McKenzie

The Cop's Mate is a great sequel to The Billionaire's Lady. And Cooper McKenzie is sharing one very hot excerpt today. Enjoy!

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters]

Matt Brady has come to town to rescue his sister from a crazy billionaire. Instead, he finds the woman he’s been looking for all his life: his mate, a spoiled shape-shifter who’s attacked his sister twice. But he soon learns she’s not at all what he thought.

All Leigh Kincaid-Thorne wants is a mate of her own. Her desperation has turned her into a vengeful witch. When her mate steps in after the pack’s new queen bee puts her down, she knows she’s in trouble. Not only is Matt the enforcer for his own pack, he is a Dominant male and determined to break her of her of her spoiled princess ways.

After recognizing him, all Leigh can say is, “Yes, Sir.”

Available at Bookstrand:
Author's Website:


Leigh watched him strip and was stunned by what his clothes hid. He was gorgeous. Long-limbed with thick, well-defined muscles, he was more than she had ever expected for her mate. She did not deserve such a man who seemed good and decent and honest. She sent a silent prayer of thanks to the Fates for presenting her with such a fine man. She looked up and down his body quickly then again more slowly. She was half afraid the wine she’d drunk earlier had distorted her vision. No one could be this well built outside of magazines, and even there the images were airbrushed. But here he stood, naked, hard, and hers for the taking. He was her very own sex god.

“Oh my,” she whispered.

Stepping closer, she lifted her hands to touch him. She had to make sure he was real and not just a figment of her sometimes overactive imagination. She traced across his broad shoulders then down thick, muscular arms. When she reached his wrists, she lifted her hands then brought them up to caress his broad chest.

The muscles and bones there were covered with an inverted triangle of soft, blond hair that went from nipple to nipple then narrowed to a point just above his navel. Dropping her hand lower, she traced the line of hair that started again below the indentation to trail down where it thickened around the base of his erect cock.

They both sucked in a breath when she traced a line up the top of his shaft from base to tip using the pad of just one finger. Matt was big all over, and his cock was in proportion with the rest of him. It was also bigger than any she’d ever seen before in real life.

“I want it,” she breathed. Wrapping one hand around the base of his thickness, she found her fingers barely met on the other side. Slowly she stroked up his long, thick length, smiling when the shaft twitched in response.

Lifting her gaze to his, she read the fire of stark hunger in his glowing blue eyes. It matched the inferno burning low in her pelvis. Though she had many questions about him, their relationship, and their future together, they all slid away until she could think of nothing but him and her and the sliver of a moon overhead.

“It’s all yours for the rest of our lives,” he responded softly, laying his hands on her shoulders as he leaned down to kiss her.

In seconds, they were kneeling on the grass next to his shirt. Their arms wrapped tight around one another’s back as their bodies came into full contact. The kiss went on and on until Leigh felt dizzy from lack of air and the overwhelming intensity of arousal.

Pulling her head back to break the kiss, she licked at his lips before saying, “I need to lie down.”

He nodded and they lay down together, his shirt protecting them from the grass. They remained wrapped together as the kissing and touching went on until they were rubbing their bodies together. Their hips arched together, the length of his shaft rubbing in the furrow of her pussy lips, brushing back and forth against her hard, knotted clit. His touch sent her closer and closer to the edge of insanity.

“Please, now,” she whimpered against his lips as she lifted her top leg and wrapped it around his hip. “I need you right now.”

He pulled back to look at her. His expression was nearly as wild as she felt. “Are you sure, little one? Once I claim you, there’s no going back. You’re mine forever.”

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The Initiation of Ms Holly by KD Grace

Sexy, sizzling and surprising describe THE INITIATION OF MS HOLLY by KD Grace. There's an excerpt below. Enjoy!

Sex with a mysterious stranger aboard a train leads Rita Holly to an initiation into the exclusive and secretive Mount club.


Journalist, Rita Holly, never dreamed sex with the mysterious Edward in the dark of a malfunctioning train would lead to a blindfolded, champagne-drenched tango, a spanking by a butch waitress, and an offer of initiation into the exclusive mysteries of The Mount. Desperate to save her threatened job, she agrees, scheming secretly to write an inside exposé on the club that will make her career. But as she delves deeper into the intrigue of The Mount and the lives of its members, she soon discovers that her heart may have other plans.


He practically fell on top of Rita, his hand grazing her left breast in the complete darkness. She yelped and grabbed him to keep from losing her balance.

‘God, I’m sorry!’ He gasped. ‘Bloody nuisance, this, isn’t it?’ His voice was warm, melodious, by far the most pleasant thing that had happened to Rita since she left Paris. ‘Oh dear. You’re trembling. Are you all right?’

‘I’m claustrophobic’ her words were thin and shaky, as though she didn’t fully trust herself to let them out. ‘It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t know where we are.’ For an embarrassing moment, she realized she was still clinging to him, but the embarrassment passed, and suddenly she didn’t care. If they were going to die trapped in a train in the Eurostar tunnel, buried beneath a gazillion gallons of water, she’d just as soon not do it alone.

He either understood, or was too polite to leave her in such distress. He wrapped his arms around her engulfing her in a muscular embrace, the scent of which was maleness barely masked by deodorant and some spicy cologne, both fading at the end of a day much longer than either of them had anticipated. ‘Don’t worry.’ In the darkness, he misjudged the distance between them and his lips brushed her earlobe. ‘It’s just an electrical malfunction. Anyway we’re better off down here than in the snowstorm up above. Sounds like all of London is shut down. Who’d have expected snow this late in the spring? Never mind that, where else do you get the chance to cuddle strangers in the dark?’

Available at:
Xcite Books:

Amazon UK:

Amazon USA:

All Romance eBooks:

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Harley on the Rocks by Zenobia Renquist

Here's a brand new release by one of my favorite authors. Just came out on the 4th and I devoured it - Harley on the Rocks by Zenobia Renquist. I'm sharing an excerpt today. Enjoy!

Genre: Contemporary, Interracial, Romance, GLBT, menage (m/m/f), bisexual

Available at Changeling Press:


Her heart has a choice between loveless sex or sex-less friends.

Harley's got the hots for her best friends -- two gorgeous hunks who're in love with one another. Helping them spice up their sex life can't be such a bad idea -- can it? Friends with benefits, nothing more.

Harley's heart has complicated the issue. She wants to be more to Koijirou and Davis than a temporary fling, but she doesn't want to ruin their friendship. If it comes down to a choice between sex and friendship, can she handle the consequences of the choice she makes?

Excerpt R-rated:

Penelope grabbed Harley’s arm, hauled her out of her apartment and back across to Davis and Koi’s place. She pounded on the door.

“Did you need something?” Davis asked when he opened the door. His tone was annoyed, as was his manner.

“Yeah.” Penelope threw Harley into Davis’s arms. “The next time someone makes off with your woman say something rather than standing there like a dope.” She went back to Harley’s for her purse and then returned. “I can’t believe you’re related to me, Hoglet. There’s no way I’d let family stand in the way of me getting some.”

“Aunt Penny, you’re only in town for a short while. I just wanted to spend time with you,” Harley said.

“Damn all that. Get some now, spend time later. Family will be here but good sex won’t. I’ll call you.” She grabbed Harley’s head and laid a big kiss on her lips. “Besides, Hoglet, I’m here to stay. My stint in England is done. The company is keeping me stateside for the next few years.” She patted Davis’s chest. “Have fun. Bye now.”

Harley watched Penelope leave in stunned silence.

Koi said, “Well, that was interesting.”

“Not as interesting as it’s about to be,” Davis said. He kissed her shoulder and cupped her breasts. Harley gave a purring moan. She rolled her hips against his groin, which made him knead harder.

Her phone rang, and she cursed. “Don’t. Answer,” Davis growled.

She ignored him and opened the phone. “Harley.”

Penelope snapped, “Why the hell are you answering your phone?”

“Why the hell are you calling?”

Penelope laughed. “Touché. Don’t tell Nana I’m in town. I’m going to have fun for a few days before I go see her.”

“Okay. Is that it?”

“Yup. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“Is there anything you wouldn’t do?”

“Exactly. Kisses, Hoglet.” Penelope made kissing noises before the phone cut off.

Harley snapped her phone shut with a tired sigh and a shake of her head.

Koi took the phone, walked it over to her apartment, tossed it inside and shut the door. He looked back at her. “Do you have your keys?”

She said, “In my purse.”

He opened the door, and there was a click before he closed it again. “House secured. Now where were we?” He returned to the apartment and closed the door behind him.

Davis lifted Harley against his chest. She didn’t bother fighting him as he carried her up the stairs. “I want food, and it’s late,” she said in a half-hearted attempt to stave off the inevitable.

“You’ll eat, don’t worry. But I’ve got news for you, Harley. You’ll be calling in sick to work tomorrow due to extreme exhaustion,” Koi said. He took her hand in his and kissed her knuckles. “And slight soreness.”

Davis carried her into the bathroom. He put her down and then helped her undress before he removed his clothing. Behind them Koi undressed as well. All three soon stood in the bathtub, Davis at her front and Koi at her back.

Koi turned on the water and let it run for a minute before starting the shower. Harley only felt a few drops of water since Koi and Davis surrounded her.

She asked, “How am I supposed to get clean if I’m not getting wet?”

Davis hooked two fingers inside of her. “You feel plenty wet to me.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

Water suddenly hit her back. She looked over her shoulder to see Koi on his knees. She was about to ask what he was doing when he spread her ass cheeks wide and licked her hole.

“Koi!” She reached back to stop him, but only ended up clutching his hair.

Davis said, “He’s got to get you ready. Tonight, we’re doing this right.” He moved his fingers in and out of her as he bent and sucked one of her nipples between his lips.

Zenobia Renquist

Discover Different and Unique Romance

D. Reneé Bagby
Building New Realms of Passion...

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

UNIFORM BEHAVIOUR edited by Lucy Felthouse

UNIFORM BEHAVIOUR is a wonderfully sexy collection of stories for anyone who is turned on by men in uniform - or out of uniform. From firemen to soldiers the diversity of these tales guarantee there's something to please everyone. Whether you read these stories one at a time or devour the book in one sitting, these steamy tales make for good bedtime reading. Enjoy the excerpt!


Do you get all weak-kneed at the sight of a grubby fireman or a hunky soldier? Perhaps immaculately-dressed waiting-on staff get you feeling frisky? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Uniform Behaviour contains sixteen smutty stories about firemen, soldiers, sailors, police, security guards and even waiters, priests and cleaners! Delve into this anthology and enjoy steamy stories from established erotica authors including Justine Elyot, Craig J Sorensen, Victoria Blisse, Shermaine Williams, Elizabeth Coldwell and Lucy Felthouse. Uniform Behaviour also proudly introduces some exciting debut authors. So remember, you saw them here first! As well as being written and compiled for your titillation, this anthology is also designed to do good. A portion of the proceeds from Uniform Behaviour will be donated to UK charity Help for Heroes, which helps those wounded in current conflict. The stories in this anthology have been hand-picked by a uniform aficionado, so you can rest assured that only the sexiest erotic fiction lies in this eBook.

Fireman’s Lift by Rebecca Bond
In Love and War by Lexie Bay
Dirty Deeds by Victoria Blisse
Just Couldn’t Wait by Lucy Felthouse
Crest of a Wave by Shermaine Williams
Sin City by Rebecca Bond
The Captain’s Persuasion by Delyth Angharad
Guard Mounting by Justine Elyot
Circling by Cassandra Carr
True Confession by Indigo Skye
Weight of Duty by Madeline Elayne
Venus by Hawthorn
On Manoeuvres by Jack Delaney
Strictly No Parking by Elizabeth Coldwell
Taken with Consent by Lexie Bay
Lingua Acutus by Craig J Sorensen

EXCERPT - Fireman’s Lift by Rebecca Bond

No, I shook the thoughts from my head, all too clichéd, all too seedy.

“Jesus!” I yelled as his free hand pinched down on my nipple, squeezing it firmly, exquisite pain coursing its way through my veins. I continued to clench around his fingers, another surge of arousal slipping from my core, heated juices spilling from my engorged and swollen cunt, coating his hands with my slick. I yelped in surprise as he forced his fingers into my mouth to taste the musky sweetness of my snatch.

“See how fucking good you taste?” he rasped against my ear, his words sending another surge of arousal whizzing around my body. All I could do was nod, words stuck in my throat as I succumbed to the feelings this fireman was invoking within me.

I have to admit, I did taste good, never having sampled the delights of pussy before now. Without warning there I was on bended knee, the image of myself drinking from another woman’s cup, lapping at her centre with long, luscious strokes whilst she writhed beneath my tongue.

I was brought back to the present by sharp pain in my breast as Bryan twisted a swollen teat, relishing in the pleasurable pain that spilled from my throat. He shifted closer to me in the darkness, pressing his thick erection against my pussy and grinding gently. With his cock still snugly tucked inside his trousers I had only the scratchy material of his uniform to contend with. My core ached for affection and I ground against him as hard as I could, rubbing myself against him like a wild feline in the throes of heat.

Uniform Behaviour is available at:

Amazon UK

All Romance

Visit Lucy Felthouse at:

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sarah's Pirate by Rachel Clark

Sarah's Pirate by Rachel Clark packs a lot of punch into a short read - a great plot, a strong heroine and seriously steamy sex scenes. I hated to see it end but there's more coming. It's the first in a series. Enjoy the adult excerpt below.
[Siren Classic: Erotic Futuristic Romance]

How hard can it be to deliver medicine to sick children on the other side of the universe? Sarah is about to find out it's a whole lot harder than it sounds. Captured by pirates, she meets Captain Jordan Bowman, and the man's reputation precedes him. He's supposed to be cunning and ruthless, so why are Sarah's instincts telling her to trust him?

Jordan has a big problem. Stealing the medicine from Sarah's ship is the only way to get it to the children without government interference, but now he's not sure what to do with the pretty courier with a fiery temper. A pirate ship is a dangerous place for a woman, and he has no idea how he's going to protect her from his crew.

Under the threat of mutiny, and in the middle of an intergalactic conspiracy, can Jordan and Sarah find a solution and each other?

Sarah's Pirate is available at Bookstrand:

Visit Rachel at:


Jordan leaned over and pulled her onto his lap, his lips meeting hers in a searing kiss. She didn’t think that he’d meant for it to be anything other than a brief celebration, but her small sigh and soft acceptance had his cock swelling inside his jumpsuit, the hard rod pressing against her thighs. He speared his tongue into her welcoming mouth, sliding it against hers in a sensual dance as he tangled his hands in her hair.

She squirmed on his lap, trying to get closer, rubbing against the hard cock pressed against her bottom. Her breath came in short gasps as he pulled her across him until she straddled his lap, then unzipped her jumpsuit and snaked a hand around to her ass. He pushed the silky fabric of her lingerie aside so that he could grip her cheeks in his big hands. She moaned into his mouth, so he squeezed her again, kneading the flesh with his strong fingers.

Sarah wrapped her arms around his neck and held on tight as his clever fingers played over her ass and then crept up her back as he kissed the sensitive skin under her ear. Moist, soft kisses rained down her neck, over her shoulder, and down to the lace that covered her breasts.

With a strangled sigh he pushed the lace aside, sucked one of her nipples into his mouth, and bit down gently. She moaned her excitement as her clit began to tingle and her pussy pulsed with cream. The smell of her arousal filled the small cabin as she held his head to her breast and urged him on, implored him to suck harder, bite her, possess her in the most primitive of ways.

His hands pressed against her lower back and pushed her dripping pussy against his thick erection, rocking her clit against his strong body. Electrical currents zinged through her blood. Her breath came in ragged gasps as warmth spread through her.

“Oh, sweetheart,” he said. “We don’t have enough time to do this properly, but I need to watch you explode in my arms.”

She shook her head as she squirmed against his cock. Her hands tried to undo the buttons on his suit, tried to find the zipper, tried to release his cock so that she could impale herself on him and they could ride the storm together.

“Shhh. It’s okay, sweetheart,” he said as he gathered her hands, pushed them behind her, and pressed them into her lower back so that her breasts were forced closer to his mouth. “You are so beautiful,” he whispered as he pushed his other hand into the front of her suit to find her swollen clit and rub the sensitive nub. “Now come for me.”

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