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Summer Loving by Cooper McKenzie

Summer Loving by Cooper McKenzie
Welcome to Sanctuary 3

A great addition to the series and another hot read!

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, sex toys]

When Summer Ryan arrives in North Carolina for her sister’s wedding, the last thing she expects is to stay for more than a week. Her life is half a world away. Then Cole and Dawson claim her as their mate.

With their brothers claiming Spring and Winter as their mates they hope, but hardly expect to find their mate in the Charlotte Airport. She’s not surprised by their abilities, but before they can fully claim her as their own, an emergency call comes, demanding their return to help find a lost child. Summer agrees to go with them, and then she makes a demand she wonders if they’ll be able to fulfill.

Will Summer be able to give up her vagabond life for two shape-shifting Irish Wolfhounds? Will Cole and Dawson be able to commit to marriage as their brothers are doing?

Summer Loving is available at Bookstrand:
Cooper's Website:


When Summer woke, she did not open her eyes at first. She was afraid that her meeting with Cole and Dawson had been a dream and when she opened her eyes she would find herself back in her cramped Russian hotel room, alone and horny. Then she felt warm hands caressing her body. Four hands brushing over her skin, leaving trails of heat everywhere they went.

Opening her eyes, she lifted her head from the pillow and looked down at her body.

“Oh, thank God, you’re real,” she whispered as the one on her right licked his way up the mound of her breast then swirled his hot, wet tongue around her erect nipple.

The other one lifted his head and looked at her. Green eyes. Cole. Which meant Dawson was the one now suckling at her tit as if it his life depended on it.

“Now, why would you think otherwise?” he asked as he took her other nipple between his finger and thumb and began to gently roll it.

“Oh,” Summer moaned and arched into their touch. “That feels so damn good.”

“Like that do you, little one?” Cole asked as he flicked her nipple back and forth several times before replacing fingers with lips, teeth, and tongue.

“Oh, hell yeah,” she answered, lifting both hands and speared their hair with her fingers.

Though she’d never told anyone, and never tested the theory, she’d always been of the opinion that her breasts were sensitive enough that she could get off just from playing with them. Without thinking about what she was doing, her knees bent and she began to lift her hips, fucking the air as the brothers suckled.

She sucked a breath and held it when a finger brushed over the entrance to her pussy. She didn’t know which brother that finger belonged to and she didn’t care. It all felt too good. After dipping in and swirling around her cunt, the digit gently brushed its way between her lower lips to her clit. As that finger began to circle the little knot of nerve-filled flesh, another finger took its place. This one went even deeper. It fucked in and out several times as it twisted back and forth. Then it disappeared.

“No,” she whined then made a sound of protest when the missing finger pressed against her back hole. “I’ve never…”

“Shhh, baby, it’s all right. I’m going to start stretching your ass so soon Cole can fuck your beautiful pussy while I take your ass.”

Dawson lifted his head from her breast just long enough to explain. Then he went right back to nibbling at the generous mound of flesh as his finger smoothed around and around and around her puckered star.

As Summer tried to formulate an argument, Cole took her clit between his fingers and pinched it, scattering her thoughts to the four winds. She could only feel as the brothers worked together with fingers and hands and lips and tongues.

That distracted her long enough for Dawson to slide the full length of his finger into her virgin hole. As he began to fuck her, Cole worked two fingers into her cunt. It took only a few minutes of their undivided attention before she bucked and came. Her mind went blank as she gave herself over to their ministrations.

When she was able to think again, she found herself wanting even more. She wasn’t sure what it was about these two men, but they turned her on like no other man ever had before. Opening her eyes, she found herself with her head on Dawson’s shoulder and Cole’s hard cock pressing between the cheeks of her ass.

“Happy birthday, little one,” Cole said, brushing a kiss over the bite mark he’d give her the night before. That touch sent a quiver of need through her.

She looked up at Dawson and smiled. “Is it my birthday?”

He smiled at her and nodded. “Yes, what would you like to do with it?”

Summer didn’t have to think before saying, “I want to suck your cock while Cole fucks me. Then I want to go shopping.”

As she spoke, she ran her hand down Dawson’s body to his thick, hard cock. She traced her way down the underside with two fingers before cupping her hand gently around his balls. “Then later I want to suck Cole’s cock while you fuck me.”

Both brothers groaned in response. She felt Cole’s cock twitch before he licked her shoulder again. “Sounds like a plan to me,” he murmured, his voice low and dark.

“Me, too,” Dawson agreed.

After he sat up and moved to lean against the headboard, Samantha rolled over and crawled between his widespread legs. He was longer than any cock she’d ever taken before. Wrapping one hand around the base, she swirled her tongue around the crown before taking just the head between her lips.

As she slowly took more and more of Dawson’s cock into her mouth, she felt Cole as he moved in close behind her. She pulled off the cock in front of her and moaned as he thrust full length into her on the first push. She sucked a breath as his short hairs brushed against her ass cheeks.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chamomile Nights (Cafe Midnight) by Zenobia Renquist

I'm thrilled to share another great release from Zenobia Renquist who also writes as D. Renee Bagby. Her stories are always unique and her world-building puts you right in the setting. CHAMOMILE NIGHTS is an interracial, paranormal story full of magic and erotic romance. Enjoy!

Patrice is the backbone of her company. She's never met a problem she can't conquer, except her stress. She's stretched to the breaking point until she finds Café Midnight. Her waiter serves up a cup of relaxing tea with hot passion on the side. She's found a way to truly relax, but is she willing to let her sexy waiter serve her at home?

Available at Changeling Press:

Author's site:


"Excuse me, miss."

Patrice turned toward the man who had spoken. She barely kept her jaw from dropping open. Hotness incarnate stood wearing the café uniform with a long waist apron to complete the image.

His white buttoned-up shirt clung to his sculpted, muscled physique like a second skin. It was short-sleeved, so she had an unimpeded view of his hard biceps. He wore two leather wristbands, one on each wrist, giving him a bad boy look. Long, sandy-blond hair spilled over one shoulder. Coupled with his knowing look, it helped the image along.

He smiled at her.

"Is my order ready?" She started to get up but the man laid a hand on her shoulder, urging her to sit back down.

"Not quite. I was hoping to interest you in a sample of our newest tea, Chamomile Nights. It is an herbal infusion containing chamomile, hibiscus, mint, rose petals, and lemongrass. Perfect for relaxation."

"Sounds nice. I could use some relaxation right about now."

"One moment." The waiter walked to the counter and retrieved a cup sitting there. He returned to Patrice and held out the cup. "Would you care for some sugar?"

"No, but thank you. I prefer to have it raw -- as it were -- when I first try it so I can actually taste the flavor. If I like it, the next time I'll add sugar."

"Sounds wise."

She thought the waiter would leave, but he remained at her side, watching her. He probably wanted to know what she thought of the tea so he could report the information to his boss.

She took a cautious sip, trying not to burn her tongue. The chamomile was definitely the strongest component of the tea. It tasted wonderful. She inhaled the scent of the lemongrass as she took another sip.

Cradling the cup, she sat back with a sigh as all of the tension seemed to leave her body. The tea worked fast. "This is delicious."

"I'm glad you like it."

Rather than a cup of coffee, she needed more of this tea. She looked up at the waiter. "Is it too late to change my order?"

"Not at all. What would you like?"

"Instead of the coffee, can I have a large cup of this? What did you call it?"

"Chamomile Nights. I'll bring that right out to you with the rest of your order."

"Will that change the price?"

"Not at all."

"Oh, good. Thank you."

"I will return shortly."

Patrice nodded and then took another sip of the tea. The cup was small, so it didn't take long to finish off her sample. She was happy she had ordered more.

The waiter returned with a drink tray in one hand and a small pastry bag in the other. He set both on the end table beside Patrice's recliner and then held out his hand to her. "May I help you up?"

Chivalry wasn't dead after all. She took his hand and let him pull her to her feet. He put a little too much strength into his pull, and she ended up running into his hard chest. His other arm circled around her waist, holding her against him before she could step back.

"What are you --?"

Her words were cut off when the man's mouth landed on hers. She was too surprised to close her mouth. When the thought finally occurred, his tongue was already past her lips and exploring. He teased her tongue with his.

She found herself returning his kiss without knowing why. She should be smacking him for kissing her. But his kiss felt so nice and soothing, just like the tea she had drunk. Or maybe the tea had calmed her down more than she had realized.

That must be the case because she didn't protest when she felt the man's hand gripping her ass.

He moved forward, urging her back until she landed on the recliner again. Except, it wasn't the same recliner. It was flat like a bed...

Title: Chamomile Nights (Cafe Midnight) by Zenobia Renquist

ISBN: 978-1-60521-614-0
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Paranormal, Magic, Interracial, Erotic Romance
Price: $3.99

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Ruby Red Metallic by Casey Sheridan

Ruby Red Mettalic is a new release by Casey Sheridan. It's a fast-paced short story with an intriguing plot. Casey is sharing an excerpt today. Enjoy!
Alaina knows her cars, and she doesn’t view what she does for a living as stealing. Using all the physical attributes she has at her disposal, she merely acquires the high-end vehicles for a business partner. Although the beautiful cars turn her on, she has her heart set on a particular gem. When she finds her jewel, Alaina is pleasantly surprised by its handsome owner, Scott.

Now she’s faced with a dilemma. Does she choose the man or the gem?

Available at Breathless Press:

Visit Casey at:


The curves were simply sensual, beautiful. Her hands caressed the hard body while they traveled over the smooth silken surface. Her heart fluttered, and tingles of excitement coursed through her veins.

Alaina had been to a number of these meet-ups and had always been disappointed. Sure, she saw some gorgeous specimens and she flirted a lot, but she knew what she was looking for and she wasn’t going to settle for anything less. But this time was different. She spied what she wanted almost immediately upon her arrival.

She knew the men watched her as she strode past them, past their Lamborghinis, their BMW’s, their Aston Martens, but they didn’t matter. She had found her jewel. Her ruby.

His deep voice flowed over her like a warm sensual bath. "It's called Ruby Red Metallic. The sunlight does make her stand out, doesn't it? You like Porsche?"

A faint breeze blew and picked up the scent of her soft floral perfume. She stepped a little closer to him, hoping he could smell the sexy fragrance and gave him her most alluring smile. "Like? No. I love them. They're my passion."

One of his brows arched up, and his eyes smoldered as they dipped to her cleavage for a moment before a smile slowly curved his lips and showed off his perfect teeth. "Really?" He held his hand out to her. "I'm Scott."

She placed her hand in his warm powerful one and took her time to give him a once over. She noted the large hands went along with big feet and a huge bulge in his pants. This was going to prove more interesting then she first expected. "I'm Alaina."

Scott bowed over her hand and pressed his lips to it. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Alaina."

The small gentleman-like gesture warmed Alaina, and she almost felt giddy. What is happening to me?

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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Pet Shop by K D Grace

Best-selling author, K D Grace, is sharing a delicious excerpt from her new erotic novel – The Pet Shop. Enjoy!

In appreciation for a job well done, STELLA JAMES 's boss sends her a pet – a human pet. The mischievous TINO comes straight from THE PET SHOP complete with a collar, a leash, and an erection. Stella soon discovers the pleasure of keeping Pets, especially this one, is extremely addicting.

Obsessed with Tino and with the reclusive philanthropist, VINCENT EVANSTON, who looks like Tino, but couldn’t be more different, Stella is drawn into the secret world of The Pet Shop. As her animal lust awakens, Stella must walk the thin line that separates the business of pleasure from the more dangerous business of the heart or suffer the consequences.

Buy Now:


‘This is Tino.’ Anne placed a hand under the man’s chin and lifted his head so Stella could see his lovely stubbled face, blushing as though she had just caught him masturbating behind the sofa.

He offered half a shy smile then quickly lowered his head again, dark eyes disappearing behind a fringe of unruly auburn hair.

‘Tino’s uncomfortable around new people.’ Anne dropped the blue rucksack she’d been carrying by the door, and the two followed Stella into the lounge. ‘Don’t worry. He’ll get used to you.’

The way-too-freely offered stories of Anne O’Kelly’s love life had provided Stella with endless entertainment since the two had met when Stella started working for Strigida. In spite of their total lack of anything in common, the two had become fast friends. It was times like this when Stella wondered why that was. No doubt this Tino character was one of Anne’s nutters, ready to provide kinky sex for the weekend in Bath. Even Stella had to admit, a whole lot of neurotic could be overlooked in exchange for a hot weekend with someone that tall, and that hot.

Stella knew Anne had planned to drop in this evening on her way to Bath, but she hadn’t expected her quite so late, nor had she expected her to bring a friend. She said she had a surprise for her, a little token from Strigida for a job well done. Stella figured it was probably a gift voucher or maybe theatre tickets, which she would never find time to use. She’d given away mountains of them in her previous job to less deserving fellow employees simply because there was never time. A few extra quid in her paycheque would have been a lot more appreciated, though she never had time to spend that either.

In the lounge, Anne made herself comfy in the leather recliner then turned her attention to Tino. ‘Sit,’ she commanded.

The man dropped onto the floor next to her, and she ran her hand absently over his dark hair, caressing the back of his neck.

Still wondering what was going on, Stella sat down across from the two. She couldn’t help noticing, as Tino shifted to rest his head on Anne’s knee, that he was sporting an impressive erection beneath thin summer trousers.

She quickly averted her eyes, but not before her pussy got the message and warmed to the thought. These days Stella didn’t see too many hard cocks.

Anne chuckled softly and rearranged herself in the chair so Tino could nestle against her leg. ‘He’s always got a hard-on, and he loves to show it off.’ Then she added nonchalantly, ‘How about a G&T? I’m gasping.’

Stella clamoured to her feet, trying to keep her eyes on Tino’s face. ‘And what about you? What would you like?’

The man only buried his head against Anne’s leg like a shy child.

‘Tino doesn’t drink, and he’s already been fed.’

‘Already been fed?’

Anne disengaged Tino’s arms from around her leg and stood. ‘Stay here, Tino, mistresses need to talk.’

‘Mistresses? What the fuck’s going on?’

‘Shshsh!’ Anne grabbed Stella’s arm and hustled her off to the kitchen. ‘He’s very sensitive to other people’s emotions. He’s nervous enough just being in a strange place.’ She helped herself to a glass and found the gin. ‘Remember I told you my therapist said that with my relationship issues, before I got involved with a man, I should start with a plant?’

Stella nodded, ‘And if you didn’t kill the plant, work your way up to a goldfish then maybe a cat or dog. Yeah, I remember. So?’

Anne plopped an ice cube in her glass. ‘What if I don’t like goldfish? And maybe I’m allergic to cats and I’m afraid of dogs. Well ...’ She nodded toward the lounge where Tino was.

‘What? Is the RSPCA adopting out men these days?’

‘Even better.’ Anne moved closer to Stella and spoke softly around a wicked smile. ‘There’s a site called the Pet Shop. They set people up with Pets, and I’m not talking cats and dogs here, Stel. It’s temporary, only for a night, a weekend at the most.’

‘You’re kidding, right?’

‘Hon, I wouldn’t joke about something as yummy as Tino.’ She offered a naughty giggle. ‘Anyway, if I had to venture a guess, I’d say having a Pet occasionally would probably suit people like us much better than having a relationship. Our conversation the other day made me think a Pet might be exactly what you need. You certainly seem to be responding well to Tino.’ She gave Stella’s tits a passing stroke with her free hand. ‘I’d say your nips approve.’

Stella slapped her away. She had lamented to Anne that with the demands of her job, she had no time for a relationship, but someone working as hard as she did surely deserve a good shag once in a while. They had been walking along the Serpentine at the time. Anne had laughed around the mango ice lolly she had practically been fellating. Stella had assumed that meant she realised it was a joke.

She grabbed the gin bottle and poured herself a double.

‘Tino’s very low maintenance, well behaved – at least most of the time anyway, clean, quiet.’

‘Jesus, Annie, this is a bloke you’re talking about, not a stray cat.’

‘Come on,’ Anne grabbed Stella’s hand and led her back toward the lounge. ‘If he’s left alone too long, he gets bored and sometimes gets in trouble.’

‘What the hell’s he going to do, piss on the carpet?’

‘Don’t be daft. He’s house broken, but unlike most blokes, he always remembers to put the toilet seat back down.’

‘I don’t believe we’re having this conversation. How did–’ Stella stopped in her tracks sending a cascade of gin over the rim of her glass onto the carpet.

There on the floor, exactly where they left him, was Tino, head thrown back, eyes closed, enthusiastically thrusting the thick cock he’d extricated from his trousers in and out of his fisted hand.

‘Tino! Bad boy! You know better than to play with your thing without permission.’ Anne shoved past Stella and slapped his hands away from his penis.

Stella watched in fascination as the pouting Pet let Anne push his trousers down far enough to bare his exquisite bum. There were no underpants. Then, on hands and knees, he presented his arse to Anne, who gave him a resounding thwack on each cheek. Stella’s pussy practically gushed as Anne spanked him again, and his muscular buttocks clenched and relaxed, beautifully displaying the dark pucker of his anus. Stella wondered how the hell one connected up with a place like the Pet Shop and someone like Tino.

‘I hate to punish you, darling, but you must behave. What will Mistress Stella think of you being so ill-mannered? Here, let’s get you out of those clothes. I know you’re uncomfortable. You don’t mind, do you, Stel? Pets only wear clothes in public. They’re much more comfortable naked.’ She didn’t wait for Stella’s response.

Tino sat back on the floor and lifted his arse while Anne stripped him. The spanking had done nothing to diminish his huge erection. His heavy balls bounced against his thighs with Anne’s efforts.

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A BIT OF ROUGH by Lucy Felthouse

Here's a yummy new release by Lucy Felthouse. As soon as I read the excerpt I had to have it. And check out that cover. Who doesn't like tattoos and A BIT OF ROUGH.

When Alison meets Andrew, she instantly pegs him as a moron. He’s a total bad boy and does nothing but chain smoke and brag about his stream of past conquests. Yet, much to her confusion, Alison still finds herself attracted to him. She’s not had sex in a while, so Alison figures there’s no harm in going home with him to get herself a bit of rough.

Available at Noble Romance:

A Bit of Rough By Lucy Felthouse


When I met Andrew through friends of friends, I instantly pegged him as a bit of a moron. We were in a pub, and he was telling anybody that would listen about the many mishaps in his love life. Turns out he was quite the ladies' man and had many close calls. The one he was regaling the room with when I arrived was an incident where he'd blown off a woman for the evening, only for her to turn up at his house and see him getting hot and heavy with someone else. Despite the fact he was mocking himself, it sounded like he was desperate for the people listening to know just how many women had been in his life, for however brief an interlude. He was one of those guys you love to hate. And yet, I still fancied him rotten. It was totally bizarre. He was not my type at all.

He was just a little taller than me, slim and lightly tattooed. His facial hair was somewhere between stubble and beard, his hair had no discernable style, and he smoked. I like my men tall, muscular, and clean-shaven. And I hate smoking. Therefore, it took me a while to put my finger on the reason—or reasons—for my odd attraction to the guy. When I finally worked it out, it was like a light bulb clicked on in my head.

He was—or at least he thought he was—a bad boy. What many would call "a bit of rough." He was the guy you never introduced to your friends and certainly not to your parents. You kept him completely under wraps—preferably between the sheets—and enjoyed.

I got the vibe from his oozing self-confidence and the way he recounted his colorful sex life, that he was probably good in bed. I resolved to find out. I didn't need to make a move; his arrogance assured him he was irresistible to all women, and he came on to me, knowing I wouldn't refuse.

I almost did, just to take him down a peg or two. But he was hot, and I was horny, so I didn't mind him picking me up. After all, I had no intention of becoming one of his amusing anecdotes. I wasn't going to stick around long enough for that. I was simply in it for my "bit of rough"—then I was a goner.

We decided to go back to his place. I wouldn't have been bothered either way, but it was clear he felt more comfortable in familiar surroundings. Plus, the more I thought about it, the more I realized going to his place was the more sensible option. I could scoot home whenever I wanted, and he'd never know where to find me. Not that I thought for a moment he was the type to stand below my bedroom window, declaring undying love, but I wasn't about to take that chance.

As Andrew and I left the bar, my friend Jodi grabbed me for a "quick word." I excused myself and went with her to the Ladies' for our chat.

"What's the matter?" I asked her, eager now to hit the road with my conquest.

Or was I his?

"What are you doing?" Jodi asked. "You know he's a total man-whore, don't you?"

I grinned. "Of course. That's why I'm going home with him. I'm horny, he's gorgeous, and I reckon he'll be a great lay. Don't worry; I've no intention of making him a permanent fixture. This is a one-off, no strings attached."

"Fair enough. Have fun!"

I made to leave, but Jodi added, "Alison?"

I groaned, hoping I wasn't about to get a lecture on safe sex from my lovely-yet-sensible friend. That was the last thing I needed, and it would completely kill my buzz. Not to mention condoms were a given, especially with a guy I knew slept around.


"Give him one for me, will ya?"

It seemed Andrew even appealed to the sensible girls.

Back at Andrew's, I gave the place a once-over whilst he was in the kitchen getting us drinks. It was definitely at the low-scale end of bachelor pads, a small, one-bedroomed flat with very little room to maneuver. One might call it cozy, if one was being polite. The place was, however, extremely clean and tidy—much to my relief. Either this guy was a clean freak, or he had a helping hand with the housework from his mum. I hoped it was the former; that boded better for his personal hygiene, which affected me much more than whether the TV had been dusted.

I flopped onto the living room sofa just in the nick of time. Andrew smiled as he handed over my drink.

"Thanks," I said. "Nice place you've got here."

"It's not bad. Much smaller than I'd like, but it's all I can afford at the moment. It's cozy, though, isn't it?"

I grinned inwardly, anticipating his next words.

"It just means we'll have to snuggle up closer, doesn't it?"

If I hadn't been so horny, I'd have laughed out loud. But he was hot and eager. I wasn't going to risk crushing that huge ego. Not until I'd had my wicked way with him, anyway.

We sat and sipped at our drinks, making small talk with lots of meaningful eye contact. There was never any question over what was going to happen next; it was just a case of when. I found myself getting antsy, not to mention increasingly horny, and so thought I'd propel the action forward somewhat.

I knocked back my drink and set it on the table next to the sofa. Then I stood up and said, "Can I use your bathroom please?"

"Sure, it's just through there." He indicated the hallway leading off the room we were in.

I wandered through, did what I needed to do, and then inspected myself in the mirror, making sure I had no unsightly make-up smudges, or anything stuck in my teeth. After primping myself a little, I headed back into the living room. Andrew was nowhere to be seen, though I knew he wasn't far away, as I heard clinking glasses. He was washing up.

I followed the sound into the tiny kitchen and padded up behind him, unsure if he'd heard me or not. I wasn't bothered if he had noticed me or not; by this point, I just wanted to claim my prize.

I slipped my arms around his waist, deliberately pushing my breasts into his back and whispered into his ear, "Come on sweetie, I'm sure those can wait, can't they? We have better things to be getting on with."

Andrew stretched across the draining board, swiftly wiped his hands on a tea towel, and turned in my arms. Leaning down to kiss me, he said, "We most certainly do."

He tasted faintly of cigarette smoke and more strongly of peppermint from a mint or some gum he'd clearly been munching to mask the smell. Oddly, the combination was a turn on. I hated smoking, but somehow the dirty habit fit perfectly with his pure masculinity. Once again, I wasn't sure if I was the hunter or the prey. But I didn't care. I was about to get my bit of rough.

In classic cliché style, I took Andrew's hand and led him in the direction of what I hoped was the bedroom—the only place in the flat where I'd yet to go.

Luckily, my powers of deduction were correct, and I opened the door and stepped inside, not knowing what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised and even more convinced his mum did his cleaning. His bedroom was definitely not as dirty as his smoking habit. As with the rest of the flat, the room was small but tidy. The bed was made up in simple blue cotton—phew. I wasn't sure I'd be able to curb my hilarity if we'd started slipping and sliding on black silken sheets.

Andrew let go of my hand and headed to the window. Mercifully, he pulled the curtains shut. The last thing we needed was one of his exes peering through the window as we fucked—as had happened in one of the tales of his past that he'd regaled us with in the pub.

He sat on the bed, pulled off his shoes, tossed them out of the way, and beckoned to me. I slipped off my own shoes and walked over to him. As I stood in front of him, my breasts were directly in front of his face. He didn't seem to mind and responded by cupping them together and grinning with undisguised delight at the impressive cleavage this created beneath my V-neck top.

I grinned back then leaned down to kiss him. His considerable stubble grazed my face, but it served only to heighten my arousal. Grabbing my waist, Drew pulled me toward him, and we tumbled onto the bed, where I ended up sat astride him. Like that wasn't planned, eh?

From the off, I knew my hunch about his bedroom skills had been correct. His kissing technique and every touch were sublime. Before long, we were down to our underwear. That's when I got my first surprise. I knew the guy had tattoos, but—wow. He was covered in them.

"How many tattoos do you have?"


"Let's see 'em then."

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

One Night in Bangkok

I just got the gorgeous new cover for One Night in Bangkok. Cover Art by Reese Dante. To see more of Reese's amazing art work, go to her web site:

One Night in Bangkok is due for release on June 25th but here's  a sneak peek.

The temperature in Bangkok is a humid ninety degrees but things are about to get a lot hotter. David Elliot is in Thailand on business but when he meets Kai, the younger man turns his world upside down. It was never meant to be anything more than a pleasant diversion but can he walk away when it’s over?
Happy Reading!

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