Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a Night!

The Phillies won game 3 of the World Series in the bottom of the ninth -- at 1:47 a.m. We stayed up to watch and saw the crowd go bonkers after Eric Bruntlett ran home with the winning run.

The game started at 10:00 after a rain delay. We saw the end of "Shallow Grave" and turned it on in the second inning. What a night!

BTW, that's a damn good movie. It was directed by Danny Boyle in 1994. I couldn't believe how young Ewan McGregor looked. Also starring Christopher Eccleston who went on to become the ninth reincarnation of Doctor Who and Kerry Fox, a New Zealand actress.

These three play obnoxious roommates who finally find someone they think is worthy enough to share their flat. But the guy OD's in his bedroom and leaves a suitcase full of money. The trio decide to get rid of his body and keep the money. This leads to all kinds of grusome situations; paranoia sets in and they slowly go crazy. It's a well-done story about greed and how it affects friendships. Highly recommended.