Saturday, December 20, 2008

Entertain Your Readers – Essay Writing Part 3

Your essay may be informative, insightful or inspirational, but no one will read it if it’s not entertaining. Try to begin with a hook, a part of the story that is compelling or amusing and will keep the reader engrossed.

Tell the story in your own voice, the way you would relate it to a friend. Let your personality come through but don’t lose clarity. Focus in on your theme, the unifying idea that runs through your narrative.

Be truthful, your reader will empathize with you.

Use dialogue, metaphors and description.

Bring your essay to a satisfying conclusion with an insight that your reader will identify with.

Edit and rewrite. Put it aside for awhile then edit again.

Oh, and it’s okay to be creative – a few little white lies won’t hurt and may benefit your story