Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Frozen Tears by Mary Ann MacAfee

In Frozen Tears, a tale of love and adventure in contemporary Alaska, Mary Ann MacAfee parallels real life issues and spiritual elements to create a story that is haunting, heartbreaking and hopeful.

Kale Leland is a hydrologist in the remote wilds of Midland, Alaska. She has a job, friends and an overbearing boyfriend that her family approves of. Her life is pretty well set until she meets Elliot Weaver, an Alaskan Native at The Crusty Miner, a local bar. There's a strong attraction between the Ennuit bush pilot and the California-bred white girl. Over the objections of friends and family Kale marries Elliot and despite their cultural differences the young couple is happy and looking forward to a long life together. He takes her to visit the Native village where his family lives and she forms a bond with his grandfather, Ittuq who is a wolf shaman. But when they get a call that Ittuq is sick they attempt an emergency flight to the village and it ends in a tragic accident. Elliot dies leaving Kale pregnant and lost in the snowy wilderness. Caught in a whirl of pain, loss and confusion she is led to a cave and then later to the village by a gray wolf. She believes Ittuq became a wolf one last time before he died so he could save her and his grandchild. Kale comes to love the wolves and she will rely on their spiritual guidance in the future when tragedy strikes again.

I love to open a book and find myself immersed in another world. Frozen Tears did that for me. MacAfee paints vivid pictures of the Alaskan landscape and weather that left me breathless. Her descriptions of the Ennuit village with its native traditions, extreme poverty and alcoholism give the story a real depth. Her characters live and breathe. I found myself empathizing with Kale and her struggle to overcome each challenge and loss. This bittersweet tale will entice readers to suspend belief in ordinary reality and enter a world of mysticism and reincarnation. Themes of environmentalism are woven in a compelling exploration of life, love and loss. A wonderful story filled with redemptive hope and the promise of enduring love. I highly recommend it.

Publisher: BookSurge Publishing (May 8, 2009)

ISBN- 978-1439218198

Paperback: 368 Pages

Price: $15.99

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