Monday, November 30, 2009

Ocean City Maryland Beach Erosion

The so called "storm of the decade" really did a job on the shoreline of Ocean City Maryland. The worst beach erosion was north of us in the area of 143rd Street, where properties are literally sitting at the edge of a ten foot cliff. The beach was due for replenishment in 2010. Now the timetable will be sped up and the scope of the job will be increased.

Much of the beach was inaccessible but at our entrance sand was pushed into a ramp so city vehicles could have access. The area was heavily used by visitors who wanted to take advantage of Sunday's sixty degree weather to fish, collect shells or take a walk by the water.

I took lots of pictures so when I come back to watch the replenishment I'll have before and after photos. I've posted a few here. Click on the picture for a larger view.

If you look close you can see JP standing on our balcony surveying the aftermath of the storm.