Friday, July 23, 2010

Jabril – Vampires in America Book Two by D.B. Reynolds

Jabril, by D.B. Reynolds, is Book Two in the Vampires in America series. It’s a paranormal romance with a strong heroine, a sensual vampire and a menacing villain who is evil in every sense of the word. It doesn't get much better than this.

Vampire Lord Raphael ends a relationship with P.I. Cynthia Leighton and she takes a job in Texas to put some space between them. Huston based Lord Jabril Karim hires her to find a teenage runaway. Cyn's glad to get out of L.A. but Jabril is a monster who doesn't abide by the laws. He took custody of two young sisters to get control of their fortune then forced Mirabelle to become a vampire. Her sister Liz ran away before he could do the same to her. Cyn wants to help the sisters but Jabril plans to enslave her first. Meanwhile in L.A. Raphael is a suspect in a series of vampire killings.

The world building is top-notch. Reynolds' complex mythology includes eight Vampire Lords who control North America. Cyn and Raphael are great characters with lots of chemistry and the author ramps up the sexual tension between them. The plot provides all the action of a good mystery or P.I. story. There’s enough twists and turns to keep the pages flying. Readers will have a tough time closing the book on this riveting story. It's a top notch series! If you love vampire stories you won’t be disappointed.

Publisher: ImaJinn Books (August 15, 2009)
ISBN: 978-1933417516
Paperback: 252 Pages
Price: $15.00

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