Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ashlynn Monroe *** New Releases ***

I’m really excited to share my friend, Ashlynn Monroe’s, new releases with you, including some intriguing excerpts. Besides writing about all things paranormal, Ashlynn is a busy wife and mom and maintains a career as a full time customer service professional. Don’t know how she does it. When she’s not lovingly raising her young family, she’s dreaming up her next tale of romance.

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Released June 4, 2010 from Wild Horse Press

Alexia would have described herself and her life as ordinary until the day a strange magician threatens her family. Discovering that nothing that she believed about her family and her heritage is true, she finds herself confronted by a family secret. A secret that leaves her at the mercy of her brother’s nemesis and the man that she is destined for…Hidden Magic a tale of magic, fairies, and love.

Released July 9, 2010 Cobblestone Press

Order it today for 3.99 at Cobblestone Press!

Leah is a military scientist working on a top-secret project. Jericho, civilian consultant makes her think some very non-scientific thoughts! They have to develop lust in a bottle, but when Leah looks at Jericho; her lust is definitely not staying in the bottle. An accident shows them just how well their lust in the bottle works and Leah discovers that Jericho looks just as good with his clothes off! However, when the lust wears off Leah wonders if the chemistry was real or synthetic? Could a guy like Jericho still want her without chemical lust?

Released July 17, 2010 Silver Publications

Silver Publishing, hot story...Warning: contains ménage a trios, anal intercourse, slavery.

$4.99 multiple formats

In a harsh world only the strong survive. Passion has a choice escape or be sold by her desperate father. Fortune sends two powerful men into her life. Men who have the power to free her or enslave her and who together bring her to the pinnacle of pleasure. New worlds await Passion as she discovers that sometimes the slave can become the master.

Released July 24, 2010 Silver Publications

$3.99 multiple formats Silver publishing pre-order release Saturday 7-24-10

When a sensual dream lover becomes reality for a sheltered princess her dream becomes a nightmare. Stolen from her groom at her bond mating ceremony that would have linked her to a man she does not love telepathically for the rest of her life she is faced with the man that she thought was nothing but imagination. The reality that he is the kind of alpha male warrior that she is not prepared to understand from a world that is frightening and foreign to her makes her doubt the love she feels for him. Duty to her people battles the love she has for her warrior in a battle that is fought in her heart. Her innocent body burns for him but her mind tells her that he is all wrong for her and for her people. When he dominates her body she realizes that he has already dominated her heart. If she can fully accept him as her mate only then will she have the happiness that she deserves.
Coming August 14, 2010 - Silver Publications

When Lily inherited an old antique oil lamp she received more than she could have imagined, her own hunkalicious genie who is ready to grant her anything…anything that she could want, including his body. Wanting to end his suffering she makes a mistake that will lead her down a magical journey of pain and redemption.

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