Thursday, April 21, 2011

Winter and His Twins by Cooper McKenzie

Welcome to Sanctuary 2 by Cooper McKenzie.

Book two adds a sweet and humorous chapter to this series. Not to mention hot! Check out the excerpt below. I'm looking forward to more. 

[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, sex toys]

After his ex-boyfriend beats him up, erotic romance e-book author Winter Ryan is forced to contact his sister for help. Little did he realize that in doing so his life would change in ways he never would have imagined.

Garrett and Hawk Sullivan, the youngest set of Sullivan twins, are visiting Charlotte when Spring asks them to help her brother. Arriving at Winter’s door in the middle of the night, they don't expect to meet their mate—Spring’s baby brother. The shape-shifting Irish wolfhound electronics geeks have found their mate who also happens to be their favorite gay erotic romance author. Life couldn’t get much better.

Life couldn’t get much better—until Winter’s violent ex shows up.

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Winter woke horny and wanting. He was snuggled between his twins. He carefully worked his way free and after using the bathroom, dug into his bag for the lube he’d stashed there while the twins were packing up his office. Bending over the counter in the bathroom, he tried to prepare himself, but found it difficult. Instead he pulled out the large plug and slid it in before returning to bed.

His mates were still sleeping, having rolled onto their backs, each sporting an erection, the sight of which made his mouth water in anticipation. Crawling back onto the bed, Winter maneuvered himself between their thighs. Taking Hawk’s cock first, he licked up the underside before taking the hard length deep into his mouth.

He heard Hawk moan just before fingers combed through his head.

He bobbed up and down several times before licking across the head and releasing Hawk. That earned him a whining, wordless protest as he turned and gave Garrett’s cock the same attention. He wasn’t surprised to receive the identical response from the other man. They were, after all, identical twins.

He moved back and forth from cock to cock several times before sitting up and looking at the two men who were now very much awake.

“I’m horny,” he announced with a giggle.

“Like we couldn’t tell,” Garrett returned with a laugh.

“Who wants to fuck, and who wants to get sucked?”

Both men groaned when he reached down with his fingertips and began to play with his own cock. Then in a move so fast he could barely take it in, Garrett pulled him up and turned him around, so he lay on top of him.

“Up on your knees, baby, but don’t hurt yourself,” Hawk instructed as he climbed from the bed.

Winter got into position, bending his knees and resting his bandaged forearms on either side of Garrett’s hips. A moment later Hawk repositioned them so that Winter’s knees were resting on the bed, but his lower legs were hanging off.

“Oh, fuck, he’s got a plug in,” Hawk muttered after brushing one finger down the cleft between Winter’s ass cheeks.

Winter released Garrett’s cock and looked over his shoulder. “I told you I was horny,” he snarked.

“Yes, you did, didn’t you, baby. Relax and we’ll work all that horniness out of you,” Hawk said as he gently pulled the plug out and brushed the head of his cock over Winter’s hole.

“At least for a little while,” Garrett added, his voice muffled by Winter’s cock in his mouth.

Winter moaned and then turned back to Garrett’s cock. Unable to hold the cock and himself up he licked his way around the head then lifted it by taking just the head between his lips. He sucked in a breath when Hawk gently pushed his way through the outer rings of muscle before sliding deep on the first stroke. Pulling out, his next thrust seated him fully inside. The sudden full feeling caused Winter to moan around Garrett’s cock which then had Garrett moaning around his in response, sending even more waves of arousal shooting through Winter.

Then Garrett pulled Winter’s cock from his mouth. “God, that’s a beautiful sight, your cock sliding in and out of our sexy mate,” he said before licking and nibbling his way up and down the length of Winter’s cock.

Hawk held his hips and began a slow, easy stroking in and out. Garrett matched the rhythm and Winter did the same, gently sucking Garrett’s cock, his tongue bathing as much of it as he could.

With men attending to both cock and ass, his need for more quickly grew.

“Faster, Hawk. Fuck me harder,” he said.

He wasn’t sure the man heard him since he still had cock in his mouth until Hawk tightened his hold and began moving in and out of him at a steadily increasing rate. He sucked harder as well, taking Garrett as deep as he could and swallowing as well.

“Shit, gonna come, baby,” Hawk ground out several minutes later, his hips driving even harder and deeper.

“Oh, God, me, too,” Garrett added, reaching between him and Hawk and rolling his balls with gentle fingers.

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