Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Beyond Farchadat

This morning I walked past the car like it wasn’t even there and my husband told me I was confused, distracted and dysfunctional – in Yiddish no less.

Could I be having a senior moment? I convinced myself it was just mental fatigue. The daily struggle to cram 24 hours of activity into 18 so I can get some sleep is taking a toll. I was led to believe these are my "Golden Years" and I’m feeling more like scrap metal. I'm aiming for a steel alloy, something known for superior strength and malleability.

I can't eliminate a thing from my hectic life. The day job stays . I like to eat, drive and have a roof over my head. I’m spoiled that way. It's 1 year, 4 months, 19 days, 18 hours, 7 minutes and 44 seconds until work release. Until then I'm committed to Camp Swampy.

Seems like I'm always trying to squeeze in more quality writing time. My short stories were written in MS Word. I started my novel in Word as well and ended up creating a new file for each chapter. It wasn’t long before it was one awkward mess and I started looking around for something better. There’s a lot of software out there geared for writers but most of it is $$$$ and bloated with useless features. I don’t need a Dictionary-Thesaurus, a Spell-checker or a Typing Tutor. There’s already a wealth of that on the internet.

Luckily I came across
yWriter when I entered a contest for one of Simon Haynes’ books. I didn’t win the book but I found out he writes great software and gives it away free. I downloaded a copy of yWriter and I’ve been using it ever since. Thank you Simon.

It organizes your book using a “Project, adds scenes, chapters, characters and settings, provides a word count, automatic back-ups and much more

And did I mention it’s free.

Spacejock Software


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