Thursday, May 22, 2008

"How To Write Page-Turning Scenes"

The past few weeks have been jam-packed. What with my son and DIL moving, getting our beach property ready for rentals and the day job there’s been little time for “The Novel.”

Frustrated beyond belief I took a few vacation days. Camp Swampy will survive without me. If I got down to business I could still make the deadline on a contest I wanted to enter. I only needed to submit the first five pages and a synopsis. Easier said then done. I wanted those few pages to be page-turners.

Lucky for me I just happened to have a copy of Holly Lisle’s “How To Write Page-Turning Scenes.” I’ve been a fan of Holly’s books for some time. Then I discovered her website was an excellent source of material for aspiring writers. I subscribed to her newsletters and downloaded her free e-books. They were so helpful that I decided to buy her newest course “How To Write Page-Turning Scenes.”

I went through the entire course Tuesday and Wednesday. By Wednesday night I was stoked. The course lit a fire under me that burned into the wee hours. This morning I mailed off my contest entry.

I’m not big on doing exercises but I did every one in Holly’s book and they were fun and I learned a lot. The chapters on conflict were especially helpful. You don’t have to zip through the course like I did. Work at your own pace. I was on a mission.

Check it out for yourself:
How To Write Page-Turning Scenes

About that contest entry - keep your fingers crossed.