Thursday, July 3, 2008

Doing it the WriteWay!

I've been on the fence about writing software, but I finally made my choice. I’ll be using WriteWay.

If you read previous blog posts you’ll know I was using yWriter, free software downloaded from At the same time I tried various other programs both free and costly.

I downloaded the trial version of WriteWay and after using it for two weeks I found I couldn’t give it up. Of all the software I’ve tried WriteWay is by far the best.

The deciding factor for me was the Research Folders. I tend to collect massive amounts of information when I write, notes jotted on scraps of paper, URLs, pictures, etc. My binder fills up, the folders on my PC multiply and I have a mountain of papers on my desk. Needless to say I can never find anything.

In WriteWay, all of this can be organized in the Research Folders. Set up folders, name them and add pages which can contain both text and pictures. Add internet links and find websites with a click.

My second favorite feature is the Notecards. WriteWay's main workspace is split into two sections. On the left is your Outline, and on the right is your composition area with Notecards staggered and tabbed on the bottom. (They can also be used in Storyboard format). You can use the preformatted cards or make up your own templates, such as plot, characters, conflict, setting, dialogue – how you use the cards is up to you.

Other features include Dictionary, Thesaurus, Manuscript Formatting, Word Count Tracking, and more.

Regular price is $39 for Standard Edition and $79 for Professional Edition. I took advantage of the limited time offer of 20% off on either version and went with the Pro mainly because of the Research Folders.

If cost is a factor yWriter is a great program and it’s free. If you want the extra features - Test drive WriteWay by downloading the FREE 30-day demo.