Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Life in the big city...

Last night we left Camp Swampy and headed north on the Boulevard. Traffic slowed and came to a complete halt at 9th Street. The inevitable honking started and after a few light changes my patience was wearing thin.

Two policemen walked between the three lines of cars and stopped at the gold vehicle in front of ours. Briefly they spoke to the driver and then started back where they came from.

Suddenly they turned back and ran to another gold car that had pulled up on our left. This time one of the officers pulled his gun and opened the passenger door. The other cop pulled his gun and yanked the driver out of his seat.

In a matter of seconds two young boys lay facedown in the street, hands cuffed behind them and guns pointed at their heads.

A woman stood on the shoulder screaming, "they stole my car from my driveway."

As the boys were led away to one of the many police cars blocking the road all I could think was thank God those boys didn't have firearms. We could have been caught in a shootout, something that happens all too often in the City of Brotherly Love.