Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cachalot by Alan Dean Foster

I'm back at the beach gearing up for a contentious condo meeting on Saturday. Evidently I'm not open-minded because I don't want to vote for another huge assessment. We just spent thousands on the building and in this economical climate it seems fool hardy to me to do it again.

Anyway I won't think about it until Saturday. Right now I'm looking out at the ocean and just being glad that I'm here. All that water makes me think of a book I just finished - Cachalot by Alan Dean Foster.

Foster is a prolific writer of sci-fi and fantasy. He's well known for his Pip and Flinx adventures and many novels with strong ecological elements.

CACHALOT is a waterworld. I thought the title might be a play on Camelot but according to
Wikipedia the Sperm Whale has also been known as the common cachalot.

Sea dwelling mammals were hunted to near extinction and when other worlds were discovered they were transplanted to an ocean planet. Humans live on floating cities and suddenly these cities start disappearing. A marine biologist and her daughter arrive to investigate.

Foster did a credible job crafting his waterworld and added enough conflict, romance and twists to keep things interesting. It's a great beach read!

Find it on Amazon.

Cachalot: a novel