Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Secret Keeper by Paul Harris - First Impressions

Even though the thirty degree weather pissed me off I was reluctant to leave the beach yesterday. It was the thought of all the books that arrived in my absence that finally convinced me.

I was tired after driving three hours but the sight of all those padded envelopes woke me up and I tore into them before I unpacked the car.

First out of the bag was THE SECRET KEEPER by Paul Harris.

From the book flap: Four years ago, British journalist Danny Kellerman was given the opportunity of a lifetime: covering the political crisis in Sierra Leone as a war correspondent. While in Freetown he begins a passionate love affair with a beautiful American woman named Maria Tirado, who helps run an orphanage for ex-child soldiers. But Danny can’t shake the feeling that Maria is hiding something from him, and as the crisis escalates, Danny has no choice but to leave; he boards a helicopter out of Freetown and never turns back….

Until four years later, when, with a new relationship and a new life in London, Danny receives a mysterious, urgent letter from Maria. She’s in trouble and needs Danny’s help. But the letter is dated three weeks earlier, and it’s already too late. Danny learns that Maria was murdered in a roadside robbery.

Haunted and heartbroken, Danny leaves London and returns to Freetown. Although there is now peace in Sierra Leone, corruption is rampant and every promising lead is a dead end. But with the help of old friends and contacts, Danny uncovers a string of secrets that sheds a shocking light on the woman he thought he knew—and reveals a hidden truth that could destroy those in power. Trapped in the heart of a dangerous nation where he can trust no one, Danny is forced to choose between his journalistic integrity and the devastating consequences of speaking the truth.

After reading the synopsis my first thought was - THE CONSTANT GARDENER - a movie starring Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz, about a diplomat who searches for his wife's murderer in Kenya and uncovers a treacherous conspiracy. I love a good thriller so I couldn't resist reading a bit more of the Harris book.

So far so good. The prologue hooked me with a torture scene and I might have kept going through the night except the cats were hungry and they were already furious because I'd left them again. (It's their own fault, they don't travel well.) So I was forced to put the book down for the night.

I plan to write a detailed review for Ezine when I finish the book. Check back or sign up for my Ezine alerts on the sidebar.

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