Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Freebies

Here's more great reading for the weekend ahead:

Download free e-books at

My review of "Rollback" by Robert J. Sawyer is available on EzineArticles.
Download his short stories at sfwriter

Browse free e-books at fictionwise



Rabid Fox said...

I tried the link (, but all I got was a blank white page. Is there a missing character?

Also, I'm not sure if you've discovered it yet, but if you like audio books there is a site called with free and cheap books in mp3 format. I've managed to find a couple of Scott Sigler titles for my own entertainment.

Gail said...

Hi - It looks like they're gone. They were supposed to be powered by the Gutenberg Project so they probably had the same books. Try -
Thanks for the tip on audiobooks, I'm entering you in my book giveaway for Benjamin Button.

Rabid Fox said...

Thanks for the other link. I'll give it a try today. And, thanks for entering me in the contest for the "Benjamin Button" story. I noticed that on your blog and it looks itneresting--I just can't bring myself to rent the movie.