Wednesday, May 13, 2009

People are still reading - Books!

Yesterday I took the car in for service. The service manager offered me a shuttle ride home, but when he told me my car would be done in less than an hour I opted to wait. I had my copy of "Shanghai Girls" with me so I was good. Four other people shared the waiting room with me. Four of us had books open on our laps - hardbacks at that. Even though the "The Today Show" was blaring on the TV, we all sat with our noses buried in our books. I get lost in a good story; noise doesn't bother me at all. But were the others really reading? Or was it just camouflage, a clever way to discourage attention. I snuck a peek at what they were reading. Although I couldn't see the titles I did note that everyone was at least half way into their books. And the two other women and one man looked totally absorbed.

It's gratifying to see that people still love their books. Despite the availability of so much digital media, a good hardback is tough to beat. The portability factor plays a big part, at least with me. I take a book wherever I go and I'm never bored. I haven't bought a Kindle - yet. I still love to turn the pages. And there's always that possibility that the reader would be lost or stolen and I could lose all my books. Besides what would I do with my bookmark collection?