Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Paranoia by Joseph Finder

Any story that starts off with a disgruntled cubicle dweller has got me on page one. I can relate even though those days are behind me. Paranoia by Joseph Finder hooked me and kept me hanging It's a timely story of corporate espionage that's hard to put down.

Adam Cassidy works at Wyatt Telecom, a tech corporation but like slackers everywhere his big ambition is to do the least amount of work without getting caught. He wants a better job but he doesn't want to work. One day he reallocates company funds for an unauthorized retirement party and corporate security doesn't see it as the harmless prank he meant it to be. Adam is suddenly facing termination, a lawsuit and maybe even criminal charges. He's given a choice - go to prison or infiltrate a rival tech company as a corporate spy. The choice is clear. Adam is given a false work history, trained and told what to look for. He goes to work for Trion Systems, rises in the ranks and doubles his salary. There's just one problem, Adam likes his new job and doesn't want to spy anymore. But he has some powerful enemies and soon he doesn't know who he can trust.

Paranoia is an intense page-turner, a steep, curving rollercoaster ride of a read. The characters are flawed and believable. Written in first person, Finder takes you inside Adam's head as he struggles with his life, love and relationships. There's some violence and foul language, there's also some intense situations and twists. I loved it. Two thumbs up.

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks (December 28, 2004)

ISBN: 978-0312992286

Mass Market Paperback: 448 Pages

Price: $6.99

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