Monday, March 15, 2010

Veracity by Laura Bynum

Imagine a world where people are forced to accept implants that monitor every word they speak. Veracity, Laura Bynum's post-apocalyptic novel, is the chilling story of a pandemic that results in a dystopian state reminiscent of "1984." The first person present tense lends an air of immediacy that puts readers in the midst of the action. The well drawn characters showcase the best and worst of humanity in this thought-provoking look at an all too plausible future.

In 2012 a plague wipes out much of the country. A new government is formed to maintain order. The totalitarian regime, called the Confederation of the Willing, controls everything including the use of language. Words are erased from the vocabulary and those who use them are punished. The populace is implanted with monitoring devices and controlled by a sadistic, brutal police force known as Blue Coats. Harper Adams was six when the plague struck. She always had special talents and the ability to see inside people. Now she's a sentient monitor who reads people's emotions for the government. One day she's recruited by the resistance and becomes their secret weapon. Forced to give up her daughter and live underground she trains for a confrontation that could result in death for all those who are depending on her.

There have been many post-apocalyptic books written and some of the ideas in Veracity have been seen before but in this debut, Laura Bynum puts her own unique spin on the story of a world gone mad. Harper Adams is sympathetic character and we see her grow and become a strong heroine. Bynum does a credible job creating a chilling future that is easy to imagine. This is a thought-provoking book, with a universal message, and well worth a read.

Publisher: Pocket (January 5, 2010)

ISBN: 978-1439123348

Hardcover: 384 Pages

Price: $25.00

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