Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pirate’s Promise by Laurie Ryan

Three promises.

Two Lives on the edge.

One undeniable love.

Everything attorney Julia Branholt has worked for is about to tank thanks to one stubborn, bull-headed pirate named Hakon “Hawk” Thoralssen. It’s not enough that she’s forced to take him on as yet another pro bono case, but someone bails the man out in her name. This ethical nightmare could mean disbarment...and the end to a promise she made her father. So Julia goes rogue and follows Hawk.

When sabotage threatens to destroy the home of his late wife, Hawk rushes to save the village. He didn’t bargain on a hot-tempered attorney following him. Especially not one who fills him with a heat he’s chosen to deny.

The only way to save Tierra Bonita means working together. Can this village of kind-hearted, affectionate people draw Hawk and Julia out of their self-imposed isolation and open their hearts to new promises?

Pirate's Promise is available at Bookstrand.
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Intensity by Berengaria Brown

INTENSITY is a hot new release from my friend Berengaria Brown. 

Amos, Wesley and Keziah have been bed partners for a while. Amos and Wesley want Keziah to move in with them and become a permanent partner but she has refused, wanting to be independent. Then she stands up for her friend and loses her job.

Amos and Wesley convince her to move in with them and plan to fuck her insensible to make her want to stay. To that end they have sex on the kitchen table using food for titillation, in Amos’s office, and in the gymnasium hot tub as well as in bed.

But chaos erupts at the company Board meeting as Amos’s incompetent father tries to use the ménage as a weapon to take control of the company from Amos, so Keziah decides the only solution is for her to leave.

And the ghost has his own agenda…

You can buy INTENSITY here:

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Jabril – Vampires in America Book Two by D.B. Reynolds

Jabril, by D.B. Reynolds, is Book Two in the Vampires in America series. It’s a paranormal romance with a strong heroine, a sensual vampire and a menacing villain who is evil in every sense of the word. It doesn't get much better than this.

Vampire Lord Raphael ends a relationship with P.I. Cynthia Leighton and she takes a job in Texas to put some space between them. Huston based Lord Jabril Karim hires her to find a teenage runaway. Cyn's glad to get out of L.A. but Jabril is a monster who doesn't abide by the laws. He took custody of two young sisters to get control of their fortune then forced Mirabelle to become a vampire. Her sister Liz ran away before he could do the same to her. Cyn wants to help the sisters but Jabril plans to enslave her first. Meanwhile in L.A. Raphael is a suspect in a series of vampire killings.

The world building is top-notch. Reynolds' complex mythology includes eight Vampire Lords who control North America. Cyn and Raphael are great characters with lots of chemistry and the author ramps up the sexual tension between them. The plot provides all the action of a good mystery or P.I. story. There’s enough twists and turns to keep the pages flying. Readers will have a tough time closing the book on this riveting story. It's a top notch series! If you love vampire stories you won’t be disappointed.

Publisher: ImaJinn Books (August 15, 2009)
ISBN: 978-1933417516
Paperback: 252 Pages
Price: $15.00

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Girl's Guide to Life - The Truth on Growing Up, Being Real, and Making Your Teen Years Fabulous!

As a mother, grandmother and former teenager, I can attest that growing up is hard to do. And in today’s society it’s harder than ever. Peer pressure is constant. Who and what is popular is not. Music, clothes, what’s in today will be out tomorrow. It’s a struggle to look cool and be popular. And where does God fit in?

A Girl's Guide to Life by Katie Meier tries to help young people make sense of it all. Back in the day mothers didn't discuss these things with their daughters, at least mine didn’t. I wish a book like this had been written when I was a teenager.

The book is divided into three sections – Mind, Body and Soul. Relevant issues are discussed in each. In Mind, such subjects as self-esteem, romance and disorders are tackled. Beauty and fashion are addressed in the section on Body. And last but not least there is Soul, where Meier talks about family, friends, religion, and who you’ll choose to be. There are conversations with real teens and helpful tips and quizzes to answer. It’s a complete resource for teenage girls. And it’s even updated with sections on texting and going online.

The author is frank about religion. Unlike many other books that shy away from the topic, hers talks about a teenager’s spiritual side. It’s certainly worth a read by mother and daughter and provides a good starting point for discussion. I would recommend it for Christian teen or preteen girls, age twelve to fifteen.

Reading level: Young Adult
Publisher: Thomas Nelson (June 22, 2010)
ISBN: 978-1400315949
Paperback: 224 pages
Price: $12.99

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Call of the Wilds

 CALL OF THE WILDS available at  Siren-Bookstrand


Veterinarian, Karin Stone, escapes the crime-ridden city for a quiet life in the Pennsylvania Wilds. Surrounded by acres of unspoiled forest she tends a pack of relocated wolves. But the wolves aren't the only endangered species in Black Wolf Gorge.

Wolf-shifter, Malcolm Connor, believes he's the last of his kind, left for dead by the same hunters who murdered his family. When he catches the scent of the new wildlife manager, he can't deny the attraction but he knows getting involved with a human woman will only lead to heartache.

 The mutilated remains of a hiker are discovered and a black wolf is captured. Karin protects the quarantined wolf and the locals are angry. When Malcolm steps in to defend her, sparks fly. Karin loses her heart but can she convince the man she loves that they belong together. Or will a jealous rival tear them apart forever?

Happily Ever After Reviews - 5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read!

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