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Complexity by Berengaria Brown


Berengaria Brown's Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois is one hot romance. Complexity is set in the same world as “Intensity” but is a standalone story.

Blurb: An asthmatic unwilling to relax enough to enjoy life, two men hell-bent on putting their stamp on her, an embezzler who wants to keep what he has stolen, and the ghost of a murdered girl. Will an endless night of passion with Finn and Simeon be pure pleasure, or only make Tia’s life more complex and messy than it already is?

Tia agrees to a night of unbelievably hot sex with Finn and Simeon, and is beginning to think she may have a future with them. Especially when the ghost makes her realize that her asthma is not nearly as bad as it used to be.

But the two men are so protective they don’t want her to help the ghost. And Tia never breaks her promises. Will frequent acrobatic sex be a solution or just add to the complexity?

Adult Excerpt

“Wake up, sweetie, you haven’t had your fourth orgasm yet.”


“My turn for your juicy ass.”

“And I get your pretty pussy. The two of us together. We figured that should make a pretty good finale to the night’s entertainment.”

Tia pushed her hair, which had long since fallen out of its neat ponytail, away from her eyes and gazed blurrily at the clock. “It’s 3 fucking a.m.”

“Yeah, fucking, that’s the plan. You do want that fourth orgasm, don’t you?” Finn’s voice was like hot melted chocolate, the sexy, dark kind. Just like his eyes. And, oh jeez, she did want another orgasm. There was nothing quite like having a hot, hard cock in her ass and another one in her pussy simultaneously. Nothing could beat the intense feelings fucking two men together induced.

So she obediently rolled over and let whoever—Finn?—massage lube into her ass while Simeon played with her toes, the arches of her feet, and her ankles, kissing along the bones, sucking her toes into his mouth, and making nerve endings light up all through her body. As her eyes opened wider, she could see both men were very ready for another round of sex. Their cocks were both engorged, the heads red, and a drop of cum was already sitting in the eye of Finn’s.

“I’ve never had sex so often in one night before. I’m not going to be able to walk tomorrow.”

“You won’t need to walk, precious. And we’ll get you a nice, soft cushion to sit on, too. Or you could take the day off and spend it in bed. Our bed.”

“No, that’ll be—” Tia gave a little shriek as Simeon picked her up and laid her on his body while Finn rolled a rubber on himself. Then two heads bent to suck her breasts, and four hands seemed to be stroking and massaging her everywhere at once.

Cream flooded from her pussy at the thought of taking both men at once, men who had stunned her by their compassion and caring for her this night. They’d always been considerate lovers, but she’d never understood the depths of their protectiveness until they’d spoken about the shower light.

Finn ran his fingers through her slit, lightly teasing her pussy lips, then sucked her nectar off his fingers, offering the last one to Simeon to taste. “I do believe she’s wet and ready for us, aren’t you, precious?”

Without answering, Tia wiggled around on Simeon, sat astride his hips, and stroked the length of his penis. Several drops of cum pearled at the eye of it, and she bent forward, holding his cock firmly in her hand, to lick them off.

“Shit, woman, you’re torturing me.”

“Really? Is that so?” she teased, stroking him again and again before rolling a condom down his length. She held the head of his cock to the mouth of her pussy and let him enter her just the smallest fraction of an inch.

“You’ll be the death of me.” Simeon thrust his hips up, trying to plunge into her, but she raised her body onto her knees to keep him barely inside her.

Then very slowly, in microscopic increments, she lowered herself onto him, groaning as he stretched her passage and filled her. Finally, when he was fully sheathed inside her, she leaned forward and presented her ass to Finn.

“God, that’s hot. I’ve never seen anything as hot as that.”

“She feels hot, too. So tight around me, but wet and welcoming, too.”

Finn pushed his cock into Tia’s puckered hole, and he pressed smoothly past her sphincter muscles and deep inside.

Tia felt full to bursting. She’d felt full with just Simeon in her, but now that Finn was there, too, her walls were stretched as wide as they could go, and every inch of her was stuffed full of hot, hard man. But it wasn’t enough. She needed more. She needed friction.

Tia pulled back on her knees a little and swiveled her hips. The ridged condoms provided the friction she needed in the most delightful way. She went to move again, but this time four hands grabbed her hips firmly, and two voices ordered her to wait.

“The party will be over before it begins if you don’t let us set the pace. You’ve got no idea how enticing it is to feel each other through your wall.”

“Oh, I know how good it feels. It feels very good. But it would feel even better if you both started moving.”

“Bossy, much?” Finn asked affectionately, but the two men began a slow withdrawal together, each pulling out until only the heads were left inside her before pressing back in again.

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