Monday, October 4, 2010

It's Release Day for ** MATING CALL **


Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, Shape-shifter, Bondage

Human contact is the last thing Sable wants and the she-wolf lives wild to avoid any chance encounters. But when a hunter sees her transform into his quarry, she becomes fair game. Jude and his twin capture the feral creature but lust blurs the line between captor and captive.

Word Count: 66,002
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
MATING CALL is available at:


His cock nudged her ass, and she pressed back, trying to make it seem accidental. He sucked in a breath then anchored her to his hips with one hand and cupped a breast with the other. He caressed the underside, carefully avoiding her nipple.

"Jonas." She sighed.

His nimble fingers found the tight bud and pinched. It wasn't enough. She pressed her hands over his and squeezed.

"I want to wash your hair." His voice was husky in her ear. "Hand me the shampoo."

She forced her eyes open, took the bottle from the shelf hanging below the showerhead, and passed it back.

Jonas poured some in his hands and lathered her scalp. "I've been wanting to do this. Your hair is beautiful. So long and thick."

No one had washed her hair for fifteen years. It was almost better than sex. She leaned into it, loving his strong massage. He took his time as if he enjoyed it as much as she did. When he finally rinsed her hair, she took the shampoo and washed his.

Sable took her time with his back. The play of muscles under her hands fascinated her. She worked her way down from his neck to his waist. The soapy lather ran over his perfect ass, drawing her attention and inspiring an urge to sink her teeth in his flesh. He turned abruptly as if he read her mind.

Disappointed, she soaped his arms, stopping to admire the tattoo that circled his right bicep.

"Does this spell “wild”? It looks like claws."

"It is. Just something stupid that Jude and I did when we were kids. We thought we were badasses."

"You still do."

He flashed his disarming grin. "Nah. We're pussycats."

"Right. And you know how well cats and dogs get along." She grinned back. "Different species should stick to their own."

Their eyes locked, and he pulled her closer. "Is that what you want?"

A sharp retort came to her lips, and she discarded it. "I just want to clean you up."

"Then I think you forgot something."

Her slim fingers wrapped around his cock and pumped. "I never forget anything," she whispered. "I saved the best for last."

* * * *

Jonas thought he'd explode when Sable dropped to her knees in front of him. She looked like a water goddess. Her beaded nipples peeked through the silky black curtain plastered to her body. He'd never seen anything so beautiful.

She let the shower rinse the soap from his penis before inching closer. His cock twitched in anticipation. It bobbed against her lips, and her tongue flicked out like a snake to circle the head. She explored the sensitive ridge, then her clever tongue found the underside of his balls and licked up to the tip of his cock, as if he were a lollipop. Gently, she cupped his sac in one hand and took him into her mouth. His groan echoed off the tile.

Her mouth, so hot around his cock, set him on fire. She looked up at him with those golden almond eyes and took him deeper. So deep, her nose rubbed the coarse hair at the base of his shaft. Jesus, who was taming who? Since she came into his life, he'd thought of nothing else. She would kill him for sure.

Her hand searched playfully between the cheeks of his ass while she sucked harder, destroying him with her mouth. When her finger penetrated him, he lost it. He let out a harsh cry and flooded her mouth with his cum. His body shuddered with the longest, hottest, sweetest release of his life.

"Now that's a pretty sight." Jude's voice was an unwelcome intrusion that brought him back to reality. He hadn't even heard him slide open the shower door.

Sable stood in one graceful move and looked from one to the other.

Jude put a hand under the shower. "Shit. You didn't save me any hot water."

Jonas stiffened. The water was cold. Sable made him so hot, he hadn't noticed. He reached over her to shut it off. "I didn't want to wake you."

Jude threw him a towel, then handed another one to Sable. When she grabbed it, he reeled her in. "I wouldn't mind waking up with these lips wrapped around my cock." He gripped her chin and ran a thumb over her mouth.

Jonas scowled. "I thought you weren't ready," he asked, irritated. "What's the rush all of a sudden?"

Jude grinned. "Watching you inspires me." He palmed the bulge at his crotch. "I think I'm ready."

MATING CALL – Available now at Siren-Bookstrand

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SILENT KNIGHTS - coming October 2010 - Silver Publishing
POINT OF BEGINNING - coming January 2011 - Silver Publishing


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