Thursday, January 6, 2011

Strawberries for Dessert by Marie Sexton

I absolutely love this book! As soon as I read the excerpt I had to download it on my Kindle. The development of the two men as a couple was so well done. It starts off with a disastrous blind date between two men who couldn't be more different and takes you through their evolving relationship - an emotional rollercoaster.

It's no wonder that it won second place in the Rainbow Awards for Contemporary Gay Romance and was selected by Smart Bitches, Trashy Books as one of the Best Romance of 2010.

Marie is sharing an excerpt today. Enjoy!


When Jonathan Kechter agrees to a blind date with Cole Fenton, he expects nothing morethan dinner and a one-night stand… but he gets more than he bargained for in Cole. Cole is arrogant, flamboyant, and definitely not Jon’s type. Still, when Cole suggests an arrangement of getting together for casual sex whenever they’re both in town, Jon readily agrees.

Their arrangement may be casual, but Jonathan soon learns that when it comes to Cole Fenton, nothing is easy. Between Cole’s fear of intimacy and his wandering lifestyle, Jonathan wonders if their relationship may be doomed from the start—but the more Cole pushes him away, the more determined Jon is to make it work.


“We could have strawberries for dessert,” Cole said, picking up one of the little plastic containers of fruit and smelling it. “They’re perfectly ripe. You can tell just by the smell. Here.”

He held the container up to my nose. The smell of strawberries was associated with him so strongly in my mind, and upon smelling them I immediately thought of how it felt to have his thin body underneath me, to be inside of him, to have my nose buried in his cinnamon-colored hair.

And suddenly, I had a raging hard-on.

What the hell? I was in the middle of the grocery store! I turned toward the racks of produce to hide my predicament from anybody who might be looking my way. I closed my eyes and tried to think of baseball. Or mowing the lawn. Or anything but the way he smelled, and the sounds he made when—

“My goodness, love,” he said, interrupting my decidedly too-erotic thoughts. “Do you have a strange fruit fetish I don’t know about?”

I glanced over to find his eyes on me, and not surprisingly, they were full of laughter. “It’s you,” I whispered in embarrassment.


“Your hair.” He still looked a little bit confused, and I had to say, “It smells like your hair!”

I saw the comprehension in his eyes. I could also see how much it pleased him. “Strawberries,” he said. “That’s very interesting. Anything else?”

I felt my cheeks turning red as I thought again about his hair—the color this time, rather than the smell—and his skin. “Cinnamon,” I admitted quietly. “And caramel.”

Now he really looked amused. “All that’s missing is the whipped cream.”

And that of course brought a whole new set of images to mind. And those images did absolutely nothing to alleviate the tightness in my groin. “You’re not helping,” I hissed at him and he laughed.

“I wasn’t trying to, love.” He stepped closer, stood on his toes a little so he could whisper in my ear, “Too bad you’re stuck here. If we make it home in time, I might let you have dessert first.”

“Still not helping.”

“Would this be a bad time to tell you how much I’ve been thinking about your ties lately?”

“Oh my god,” I moaned, and he laughed. I pushed him away, which only made him laugh louder. I grabbed the basket from him. If I carried it strategically it would cover the embarrassing bulge in my pants. “Can we hurry this up?”

“Anything you want, love,” he said in amusement. He turned and headed further into the grocery store, and I followed behind. I figured wandering through the aisles behind him would help take my mind off of sex. As long as we didn’t encounter any more strawberries. Or cinnamon. Or caramel. Or whipped cream.

Yeah, this was going to work.

Especially since he was in front of me, and I could see that butterfly on the back of his neck and the curve of his back where it arched into the soft globes of his ass. I was driving myself crazy, and he was laughing at me the entire time.

We finally had everything he said he needed, plus the strawberries—we had to go back to the produce section to get them, which didn’t help—and we each carried a bag of groceries back to my car, which was parked near the back of the lot.

“You’re absolutely cruel,” I told him as we put the bags in the back seat, and he laughed again. We got in, but before I could start the car, he took my keys from me. “What are you doing?” I asked.

He leaned over and put his lips against my ear. One of his slender hands went to the buttons on my jeans. “I’m making up for being cruel,” he whispered.

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