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Jillian's Master by Cooper McKenzie

Jillian's Master - Club Esoteria Book 5 is another great edition to the series by Cooper McKenzie.

[Siren Classic: Erotic BDSM Romance, sex toys]

Hall Industries needs a savior, and Jillian’s been tasked with talking Gunner McNeil into being that financial angel.

As soon as he sees the guest submissive, Gunner knows he could spend the rest of his life playing with her. But when an orgasm relaxes him into a short nap, she disappears without a word. On Monday, he meets her again in the capacity as his liaison and guide for the week.

Gunner decides to combine business with pleasure and continues Jillian’s training as he inspects the company. Jillian learns about herself and BDSM under Master Gunner’s tutelage but wonders if she is enough. When Gunner leaves town without a word after naming the conditions for his help, Jillian has to decide if she can make the changes he requires.

Will he return to finish her training? Or will he invest his money in her company without investing his heart in their budding D/s relationship?

Note: This book contains anal sex.


He followed her into the house without comment. Once inside, he did not look around as she expected. Instead, he waited until she closed the door and automatically threw the deadbolt.

Only then did he speak. “Strip.”

Jillian glanced at the windows at the same time she toed off her shoes. One of the big reasons she loved her little house was the many windows that flooded the room with light. Instead of more traditional mini-blinds or full curtains, she opted for café curtains which gave her privacy at the same time it allowed sunlight to stream in through the top half of the windows.

She bit her lip. She’d agreed to this. She wanted him to train her. It was now time to put up or shut up. Without pause, she reached down and struggled to pull her dress over her head without messing up her hair. After laying it on the club chair next to the door, her bra followed and she was naked.

“Mmmm, beautiful,” he murmured, his eyes tracking down her body from hairline to toes. Only then did he look around the room, checking out the furniture. “Come here,” he said, leading the way to the small dining room at the back of the house.

Jillian shivered at the thought of lying over the cold, wooden dining table.

“I don’t have restraints with me, so you’ll have to do it yourself. Put your hands under your breasts as you lie down.” His voice was deeper and darker than she remembered. His tone sent renewed heat shimmering through her.

Once she was in position, he moved up behind her. He shifted her forward so the crease where her thighs met her body pressed tight against the edge of the table.

“Spread your legs,” he ordered, running one hand down her spine, starting at the nape of her neck. “You will receive eight swats for disappearing on Friday night, one for the curse you let slip in front of your father, and the two for putting off this punishment. We will also go over my rules. Repeat them,” he said as his left hand settled in the middle of her back.

“Yes, Sir.”

“First rule you already know. You will not wear panties when you are with me,” he said, right before he slapped each ass cheek sharply.

“No panties,” she gasped as fiery pain shot through her.


“No panties, Sir,” she responded.

“You will not date anyone else while we are together.” Again, a slap to each cheek though not in the same places.

“I will not date anyone else, Sir.”

His hand rubbed over the abused skin, the heat turning pain into a strange, tingling pleasure that worked its way straight to her cunt.

“You will answer my calls no matter where, no matter when.” Slap, slap.

She bit her lip to keep from crying out before saying, “I will always answer your phone calls, Sir.”

“You will wear short dresses or skirts whenever we are together.” Slap, slap.

“How short, Sir?”

“Above the knee. Shorter when we’re alone together or going out but always above the knee.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You will keep your pretty little pussy bare.”
“You’re kidding, right?” she asked, looking over her shoulder.

His answer was three quick, hard slaps, one on each ass cheek and one to the center. She squealed as the pain overwhelmed her.

“You will know when I am kidding. This is not one of those times,” he said as he rubbed his hand over the still burning flesh.

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered with a watery sniff as her tears overflowed her eyes to drip onto the table beneath her cheek.

She sucked a breath when the fingers that had just punished her slid down the cleft between her still-smarting ass cheeks to her pussy. He slid one finger into her cunt and twisted it around.

“Baby, you’re all wet. You liked your punishment, didn’t you?”

Closing her eyes, Jillian fought to remain still. “I like your hands on me, Sir,” she admitted softly with a moan as he ran his other hand up her spine then back down again.

“Then you’ll really like this,” he said before pulling away from her. “Don’t move.”

She heard the clink of a belt and the rasp of a zipper. Then she heard tearing plastic. Shifting her breasts in her hand sent more heat through her as she admitted to herself that she couldn’t wait for what was about to happen.

A moment later, she felt his fingers spreading her lower lips. Then the blunted head of his cock pressed at her opening. As he pushed deeper and deeper, Jillian could only moan at the fullness. He was bigger than any other man she’d been with. Even her vibrator paled in comparison to his thickness as he filled her completely. Arching her neck lifted her head from the table as the hair at the base of his cock brushed against her.

She sucked a breath and made another sound as he leaned over her and his chest hair tickled her back. He shifted to nuzzle at the side of her neck before putting his lips to her ear. “Don’t come.”

She whined as he eased out until only the head remained inside her. He surged forward then set up a fast rhythm, which sent Jillian higher and higher, closer and closer to the orgasm he had just told her she could not have.

As her panting became whimpers, he continued thrusting, each stroke harder and more powerful than the one before it. His pace increased. His breathing sounded rough and harsh in the silence of the room. When she wasn’t sure how much longer she could maintain her sanity and keep from coming, he slid his hands between her chest and the table to cup her breasts. “Now, baby, cut it loose,” he whispered. “Come for me.”

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