Thursday, February 17, 2011


Coming Soon!!
Tracy L. Ranson's new book - PRINCE OF DARKNESS, book 3 in the Bloodborn Series.

And after reading this sneak peek excerpt I'm not sure I can wait until February 24th for the release. See if it doesn't whet your appetite for more. Enjoy!

[Erotic Paranormal Romance, Vampire]


Married to her job cop, Christine McCall wants to find the murderer of her best friend and partner, David Williams. Pushing aside the guilt she feels at not being able to save him from death, Christine reluctantly agrees to allow Drake Haaken, owner of the BESERKER club where David had been killed, to help with the investigation. Thrust into a world that she never knew existed; Christine is torn between her human loyalty and vampire love. The choice she makes may end her life.

Sneak peek excerpt (PG-13):

“Do I frighten you?”

A smooth, silky male voice broke through her thoughts and sent a bolt of electricity dancing up and down her spine. She snapped her eyes open amid her slightly ragged breath. The handsome stranger stood before her, much taller than she imagined. She swallowed the lump in her throat. “Not all at.”

“Good because I do frighten a lot of people.” He swept into a low bow. “Drake Haaken at your service.”

She detected a bit of an accent in his words, but she couldn’t place them. A part-time student of linguistics, she normally could place any lilt, but this one escaped her.

“Thank you, Mr. Haaken, but I really must be going.” Her throat constricted the closer he came, the smell of his musky aftershave overwhelming her no end. Her sex wanted to cream inside of her panties. She’d have to get out of here really fast before anything happened.

He clamped a hand on her arm. “Do you really?”

Bolts of strange desire rumbled up her limbs and stretched out the rest of her body, awakening every inch to his burning touch. She looked down at the strong fingers wrapped around her arm, unhappy with his uninvited clutch. One thing she hated in life was to be touched by people she didn’t know. “Please let go of me.” Quietly, he released her. “I must be going. I have an early day tomorrow.”

The sexy half smile returned, accompanied by a quick jerk of his left eyebrow. “Don’t leave before telling me your name.”

“Christine McCall.” Her open jaw shut. She had inexplicably defied department protocol. She’d never given her real name on any of her assignments, and she wasn’t sure why she did now except a strange feeling compelled her to.

Her nipples puckered beneath the lacy cups of her bra, the hard points pressing hard against the fabric. Thankfully, she’d decided to wear a bra with a slight bit of padding. Otherwise, this stranger could read her desire as easily as he would a book.

“Well, Ms. McCall, it seems as though we’ve got a problem here.”

The weakness in her legs barely kept her standing. “What is that, Mr. Haaken?”

“Music is playing, and we’re not dancing to it.”

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