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Chamomile Nights (Cafe Midnight) by Zenobia Renquist

I'm thrilled to share another great release from Zenobia Renquist who also writes as D. Renee Bagby. Her stories are always unique and her world-building puts you right in the setting. CHAMOMILE NIGHTS is an interracial, paranormal story full of magic and erotic romance. Enjoy!

Patrice is the backbone of her company. She's never met a problem she can't conquer, except her stress. She's stretched to the breaking point until she finds Café Midnight. Her waiter serves up a cup of relaxing tea with hot passion on the side. She's found a way to truly relax, but is she willing to let her sexy waiter serve her at home?

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"Excuse me, miss."

Patrice turned toward the man who had spoken. She barely kept her jaw from dropping open. Hotness incarnate stood wearing the café uniform with a long waist apron to complete the image.

His white buttoned-up shirt clung to his sculpted, muscled physique like a second skin. It was short-sleeved, so she had an unimpeded view of his hard biceps. He wore two leather wristbands, one on each wrist, giving him a bad boy look. Long, sandy-blond hair spilled over one shoulder. Coupled with his knowing look, it helped the image along.

He smiled at her.

"Is my order ready?" She started to get up but the man laid a hand on her shoulder, urging her to sit back down.

"Not quite. I was hoping to interest you in a sample of our newest tea, Chamomile Nights. It is an herbal infusion containing chamomile, hibiscus, mint, rose petals, and lemongrass. Perfect for relaxation."

"Sounds nice. I could use some relaxation right about now."

"One moment." The waiter walked to the counter and retrieved a cup sitting there. He returned to Patrice and held out the cup. "Would you care for some sugar?"

"No, but thank you. I prefer to have it raw -- as it were -- when I first try it so I can actually taste the flavor. If I like it, the next time I'll add sugar."

"Sounds wise."

She thought the waiter would leave, but he remained at her side, watching her. He probably wanted to know what she thought of the tea so he could report the information to his boss.

She took a cautious sip, trying not to burn her tongue. The chamomile was definitely the strongest component of the tea. It tasted wonderful. She inhaled the scent of the lemongrass as she took another sip.

Cradling the cup, she sat back with a sigh as all of the tension seemed to leave her body. The tea worked fast. "This is delicious."

"I'm glad you like it."

Rather than a cup of coffee, she needed more of this tea. She looked up at the waiter. "Is it too late to change my order?"

"Not at all. What would you like?"

"Instead of the coffee, can I have a large cup of this? What did you call it?"

"Chamomile Nights. I'll bring that right out to you with the rest of your order."

"Will that change the price?"

"Not at all."

"Oh, good. Thank you."

"I will return shortly."

Patrice nodded and then took another sip of the tea. The cup was small, so it didn't take long to finish off her sample. She was happy she had ordered more.

The waiter returned with a drink tray in one hand and a small pastry bag in the other. He set both on the end table beside Patrice's recliner and then held out his hand to her. "May I help you up?"

Chivalry wasn't dead after all. She took his hand and let him pull her to her feet. He put a little too much strength into his pull, and she ended up running into his hard chest. His other arm circled around her waist, holding her against him before she could step back.

"What are you --?"

Her words were cut off when the man's mouth landed on hers. She was too surprised to close her mouth. When the thought finally occurred, his tongue was already past her lips and exploring. He teased her tongue with his.

She found herself returning his kiss without knowing why. She should be smacking him for kissing her. But his kiss felt so nice and soothing, just like the tea she had drunk. Or maybe the tea had calmed her down more than she had realized.

That must be the case because she didn't protest when she felt the man's hand gripping her ass.

He moved forward, urging her back until she landed on the recliner again. Except, it wasn't the same recliner. It was flat like a bed...

Title: Chamomile Nights (Cafe Midnight) by Zenobia Renquist

ISBN: 978-1-60521-614-0
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Paranormal, Magic, Interracial, Erotic Romance
Price: $3.99

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