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Summer Loving by Cooper McKenzie

Summer Loving by Cooper McKenzie
Welcome to Sanctuary 3

A great addition to the series and another hot read!

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, sex toys]

When Summer Ryan arrives in North Carolina for her sister’s wedding, the last thing she expects is to stay for more than a week. Her life is half a world away. Then Cole and Dawson claim her as their mate.

With their brothers claiming Spring and Winter as their mates they hope, but hardly expect to find their mate in the Charlotte Airport. She’s not surprised by their abilities, but before they can fully claim her as their own, an emergency call comes, demanding their return to help find a lost child. Summer agrees to go with them, and then she makes a demand she wonders if they’ll be able to fulfill.

Will Summer be able to give up her vagabond life for two shape-shifting Irish Wolfhounds? Will Cole and Dawson be able to commit to marriage as their brothers are doing?

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When Summer woke, she did not open her eyes at first. She was afraid that her meeting with Cole and Dawson had been a dream and when she opened her eyes she would find herself back in her cramped Russian hotel room, alone and horny. Then she felt warm hands caressing her body. Four hands brushing over her skin, leaving trails of heat everywhere they went.

Opening her eyes, she lifted her head from the pillow and looked down at her body.

“Oh, thank God, you’re real,” she whispered as the one on her right licked his way up the mound of her breast then swirled his hot, wet tongue around her erect nipple.

The other one lifted his head and looked at her. Green eyes. Cole. Which meant Dawson was the one now suckling at her tit as if it his life depended on it.

“Now, why would you think otherwise?” he asked as he took her other nipple between his finger and thumb and began to gently roll it.

“Oh,” Summer moaned and arched into their touch. “That feels so damn good.”

“Like that do you, little one?” Cole asked as he flicked her nipple back and forth several times before replacing fingers with lips, teeth, and tongue.

“Oh, hell yeah,” she answered, lifting both hands and speared their hair with her fingers.

Though she’d never told anyone, and never tested the theory, she’d always been of the opinion that her breasts were sensitive enough that she could get off just from playing with them. Without thinking about what she was doing, her knees bent and she began to lift her hips, fucking the air as the brothers suckled.

She sucked a breath and held it when a finger brushed over the entrance to her pussy. She didn’t know which brother that finger belonged to and she didn’t care. It all felt too good. After dipping in and swirling around her cunt, the digit gently brushed its way between her lower lips to her clit. As that finger began to circle the little knot of nerve-filled flesh, another finger took its place. This one went even deeper. It fucked in and out several times as it twisted back and forth. Then it disappeared.

“No,” she whined then made a sound of protest when the missing finger pressed against her back hole. “I’ve never…”

“Shhh, baby, it’s all right. I’m going to start stretching your ass so soon Cole can fuck your beautiful pussy while I take your ass.”

Dawson lifted his head from her breast just long enough to explain. Then he went right back to nibbling at the generous mound of flesh as his finger smoothed around and around and around her puckered star.

As Summer tried to formulate an argument, Cole took her clit between his fingers and pinched it, scattering her thoughts to the four winds. She could only feel as the brothers worked together with fingers and hands and lips and tongues.

That distracted her long enough for Dawson to slide the full length of his finger into her virgin hole. As he began to fuck her, Cole worked two fingers into her cunt. It took only a few minutes of their undivided attention before she bucked and came. Her mind went blank as she gave herself over to their ministrations.

When she was able to think again, she found herself wanting even more. She wasn’t sure what it was about these two men, but they turned her on like no other man ever had before. Opening her eyes, she found herself with her head on Dawson’s shoulder and Cole’s hard cock pressing between the cheeks of her ass.

“Happy birthday, little one,” Cole said, brushing a kiss over the bite mark he’d give her the night before. That touch sent a quiver of need through her.

She looked up at Dawson and smiled. “Is it my birthday?”

He smiled at her and nodded. “Yes, what would you like to do with it?”

Summer didn’t have to think before saying, “I want to suck your cock while Cole fucks me. Then I want to go shopping.”

As she spoke, she ran her hand down Dawson’s body to his thick, hard cock. She traced her way down the underside with two fingers before cupping her hand gently around his balls. “Then later I want to suck Cole’s cock while you fuck me.”

Both brothers groaned in response. She felt Cole’s cock twitch before he licked her shoulder again. “Sounds like a plan to me,” he murmured, his voice low and dark.

“Me, too,” Dawson agreed.

After he sat up and moved to lean against the headboard, Samantha rolled over and crawled between his widespread legs. He was longer than any cock she’d ever taken before. Wrapping one hand around the base, she swirled her tongue around the crown before taking just the head between her lips.

As she slowly took more and more of Dawson’s cock into her mouth, she felt Cole as he moved in close behind her. She pulled off the cock in front of her and moaned as he thrust full length into her on the first push. She sucked a breath as his short hairs brushed against her ass cheeks.