Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blood and Bone by William Lashner

Blood and Bone by William Lashner is a quick, entertaining read that takes place in the City of Brotherly Love. This is a book that hooked me on page one and the suspenseful storyline kept me reading until the end. It's thoroughly enjoyable - even more so because I'm a Philly native.

William Lashner is the best selling author of a series of thrillers featuring lawyer Victor Carl. Blood and Bone is not part of that series. This is a stand-alone book and although it's not a legal thriller there are several characters in it who are lawyers.

The protagonist is Kyle Byrne, the illegitimate son of a prominent Philadelphia attorney. The angst ridden hero comes with plenty of baggage which makes him all the more interesting. Nobody's perfect and Kyle is a flawed character readers can readily empathize with. He's not someone who's had life handed to him on a silver platter. He's full of human frailties and weakness, but not so far gone he can't be redeemed.

Kyle's father died when he was twelve and he's been haunted by memories ever since. Now his father's partner has been murdered and Kyle is one of the suspects. Not only are the police looking for Kyle, the bad guys are after him as well. They believe Kyle is in possession of a very incriminating file. He knows it has something to do with his father so he sets out to find it before anyone else and winds up in a world of trouble.

Lashner has written an ingenious plot with plenty of twists and intricate turns. There's a good sense of place, readers can visualize the city. It's a great escape with a doozy of an ending you won't see coming.

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Blood and Bone