Monday, April 20, 2009

THE GRADUATES - Free Soundtrack Download!!!

Was it only Saturday I finally got a chance to sit on the beach and soak up some rays. I even got a little burn, not much, but enough to give me some hope that summer is finally on the way. It was also my last day at the beach - until next month, sigh...

But May is looking good - in more ways than one. While reading The Dispatch in OC I found out "The Graduates" are coming back - and I'm not talking about the "June-bugs" who come each year to celebrate graduation.

"The Graduates" is a movie, filmed in Ocean City, MD, in 2007 by Ryan and Matt Gielen. Their first feature film, it's about the seniors who flock to OC every year. Gielen tried to capture Ocean City's small town atmosphere and create a nostalgic movie about growing up and letting go of your youth. If you love OC or any beach for that matter watch for the release.

It will be officially released May 1 in New York. The brothers will return to Ocean City mid-May for about six weeks to promote the movie and sell the DVD.

In the meantime you can download the entire soundtrack for free. Just go to
The Graduates click on "Buy Now" and put in the coupon code BOOKWORM. The music is great!!

See ya in OC!!!