Monday, April 27, 2009

Wolf Song Visions: The Earthwalk of Lêla and Káhla Remembered

There was a copy of "Wolf Song Visions: The Earthwalk of Lêla and Káhla Remembered" in the mail today. The authors are Scott Reade and Linda Reade.

Here's the blurb - "In 1991 Linda and Scott were brought together by a destiny even they could not understand. Their lives were changed forever in that moment, for a crack was made in the wall of time and they were compelled to pass through the opening. This is a true story about a life the Authors shared over 400 years ago. The things related here are memories, not myths or fairy tales. And though the story is a beautiful one, the real Purpose for the existence of this book is to help you to understand that the prophesies and revelations given in visions so long ago are affecting your life now."

Okay, I'm fascinated. I can't wait to start this one.