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Dirty Little Demons by C.R. Moss

Dirty Little Demons by C.R. Moss

So many demons, so little time. What's a slayer to do?

Hell's demons. Personal demons. Making sure her friend, Sophia, doesn't kill a dancer. Bonding with her soulmate. Ridding the world of the scourge that entered Las Vegas… It'll be a busy night.

Jaime Sue, now called Jay for confidentiality purposes, is back in Las Vegas, gearing up for a dangerous assignment. Sophia wants her to attend a revue with her. Master Dante requires her to go to the show since the two contacts she needs to meet work in it. There she realizes one of the dancers she has to bond with is her one, her soulmate.

While battling inner demons, fighting the demon-gang that came to town and fending off their leader, Ash, and falling in love, Jay finds there's more at stake than just her life.

~ Excerpt / PG-13 ~

Cohorts? Was it possible Michael was part of the gang hanging out in town with Ash? It wouldn't surprise her if her ex was with the group. After all, from what she found out, Michael was one of several of Ash's progenies from a fellow demon woman. Why wouldn't they travel together? And if they were here together, she'd be able to track the bastards down and exact revenge, for herself and her mother. Ash would pay for tearing her family apart. Michael would pay for being the world's worst boyfriend. Guys talk of psycho bitch girlfriends from Hell. Well, they were about to see what that meant. She leaned back in Ace's arms and gazed up at him. "Thank you for telling me."

"You're welcome." His head lowered and his lips brushed hers.

His mere touch stirred her insides. The world vibrated beneath her feet. It scared her how fast she had fallen for and trusted in him. His mouth moved upon hers, nipping, tugging. She encompassed him with her energy, drew power from him, fed him strength from her reserves. They would need fortification if Ash and his gang were the ones in town they were slated to fight. No wonder there was to be a third in their slayer party for the mission. She put the missing member out of her mind. Breathed in the sweet force of Ace's love. Breathed in…

She jerked from his kiss and grasp, sniffed the air.

"What is it?"

Jay held up a finger. She tilted her head one way, then another in an attempt to get a bead on the subject. The aroma was faint. She closed her eyes, envisioned the strip, the hotels, the casinos, tracking down the demon scent. A stronger whiff of the fragrance seared her nose.

"Demon," she answered. "The wind must have kicked up because I believe it's at the casino next door."

"Are you sure?"

She narrowed her eyes and lifted a brow in a silent question of you didn't really just ask me that, now did you?

He held up a hand and chuckled. "Never mind. Of course you're sure. I'm not used to working with slayers who are so competent."

"I understand." She fixed her hair and attached the clip to the end. "We should get going."

After making sure they had all their stuff, they left the prop room in search of their first kill of the night.


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