Monday, September 27, 2010

* Wild Texas Heat * by Kelly Conrad


What’s better than a sexy cowboy? 4 sexy cowboys!
This is one hot read from my Siren sister Kelly!!!

PolyAmour: Erotic Western Ménage a Cinq Romance, M/F/M/M/M

Soon after arriving in Whiskey Hill to sell her father’s social club, a sassy little Boston Belle learned an awful truth about her heritage. Her mother was a whore, and her father a wanted man. Before she could get out of that awful town she found herself surrounded by four of the dirtiest, and the sexiest wild bunch of cowboys she had ever seen. Trying to stay pure, she quickly pulled out her chastity belt and locked herself into it. But after one raw night in a cave when her chastity belt wasn’t there to protect her, she found herself the receiver of a succession of breathtaking kisses, erotic longings and dirty imaginings. After giving in to her true heritage, she cast away her Boston manners and surrendered to wild sex, sweaty bodies, and a strong dose of cowboy sex.


In this cave, in the nighttime shadows, while the rain and wind whipped past the mouth of the cave, she wanted him. She’d never wanted anything or anyone quite so badly before.

She felt like a brazen slut, but who cared? She was trapped in a dark cave with four sexy cowboys who had wrapped her in invisible warmth. When Jude began to pull at her clothes, she gasped and then saw the other three coming toward them. She knew what they wanted, and her insides jangled with excitement. The very air around her became electrified. All at once, her dress jacket was off, and the front of her blouse was open, exposing her breasts. She could feel cool air laced with warmth caressing her skin, cold drops of water sprinkling against her body, and when Jude’s lips touched her nipples, she felt a delicious shudder. His mouth opened hungrily and madly sucked while his tongue deliciously tweaked her nipples, causing her senses to leap to life.

While her arms were around his neck, he swept her up and took her to a bed of animal skins and laid her down. He continued tugging at her clothes and his until they both lay naked beside the flickering flames, nothing between them but the hot, sizzling air that tickled her skin. He placed himself between her legs and sat with his knees bent, his calves beneath him. With strong, gentle hands he brought her hips upward and over his thighs until his cock touched her pussy. She gasped when she realized her knees were even with his shoulders and she was sinfully exposed.

Suddenly, Shiloh, Sundog, and Blaze were on either side of her, loving her breasts with their hands and mouths. While Jude pressed his cock just inside her, she felt a warm, deep sensation flood her cunt, spreading up and into her stomach. She looked around her and saw Shiloh’s cock, hard and long. It was so beautiful. She wanted it and clasped it with one hand. And then suddenly she felt a deep penetration and cried out with delight. As she squeezed Shiloh’s cock, he leaned over her and kissed her, his tongue delving deeply into her mouth. His sweet-tasting tongue and Jude’s cock made her writhe.

She rolled her hips, wanting more and more. As they caressed her, her heart seemed to rush to the spot that each of them touched. Heat ran rampant within her. Her eyes opened to shadows on the cave walls and watched little trails of smoke that took take carnal shapes. She felt the warmth of the room of rock, each surge of heat enveloping her in its hellish embrace.

Where was she? What was she doing? She’d never experienced desire like she knew it now. She felt like a wanton, wanting, desiring, and knowing that anything these cowboys desired of her she would give.

Before she knew it, Sundog and Blaze were stroking her endlessly in places she never knew she had sensitivity. Their lips, their hands, and their cocks started fire after fire in her, making her moan out her delight.

Suddenly, she felt Jude’s creamy, hot substance flood her. He was quickly replaced by Sundog, who mounted her, his cock delving deeply as his mouth devoured her breasts one by one. She clung to him, her hands scratching his back. He bucked, plunging over and over into her cunt, raising sensation after sensation as she screamed and went with him. She could feel herself climbing, his raw, sensuous nature thrilling every part of her. To feel his rough skin against hers exalted her, and the fire he touched her with ignited her and spread throughout her body, all the way to her fingers and toes. After a long ride of sheer pleasure, she savored the feeling of the hot tides as they broke upon them, causing them to clutch each other almost desperately. The twin bursting of sensations whirled crazily within them until at last it was complete.

Sundog left her arms and gave his place up to Shiloh.

Almost immediately she felt Shiloh stroking her breasts, and then suddenly there was Blaze licking playfully at the insides of her thighs. The feeling caused her to soar into a place she’d never been. Before she knew what was happening, she felt Blaze’s tongue licking her pussy, nudging it at first. Finally, the stiffness of his tongue tweaked her cunt over and over again, pulling moan after moan out of her as his movements got frantic. She was slowly being coerced into a hot, burning place where she shattered again and again.

While she floated in a euphoric state, Blaze and Shiloh took turns with her, each stroking her up and down her body, their lips, their tongues sucking her flesh, from her breasts to the small mound of her stomach. They finally, one by one, emptied themselves inside her while she moaned and rolled her hips until she was so exhausted she could hardly move. Her heartbeat throbbed against her ear as her breathing slowed, delivering her into a cocoon of carnal warmth, her body aching from being loved so completely.

A small smile played at Lorraine’s kiss-bruised lips as she lay quietly listening to the rain and wind as it continued to blow outside. She snuggled down beneath the animal skins that covered her, finally feeling the blessed warmth of the cave that seemed to have finally penetrated her bones.

Or maybe the warmth came from her feeling of complete happiness in the circle of her cowboy lovers.

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