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New World - The World Series by Stacey Thompson-Geer

When your fighting Vampires and Werewolves, all bets are off. Lily is tough and likes to be in control, but when she's sent on a mission to talk truce with the Werewolves, something happens tha will change the world she lives in. Look for Captive, the next story in the series, coming soon.


When I was a child, the world was different. People had control of their lives. They could go out in the sun and not worry. They could go about their daily lives without worrying they would be found and killed. I wanted more than anything for that world to still be, but the truth was, I lived in a different world and it would never be the same again.


I hid in the shadows as the animal sniffed the ground. There was only one real way to tell it this dog was really a dog and not a shifter, look it in the eyes. This also was a dangerous thing, because it could kill in seconds.

I waited, shotgun at my side, for a good shot, just in case. When our eyes met, I pulled the trigger and watched it rip through him. He yelped and reared back, but the blood poured out of the gaping wound on his body fell to the concrete.

My breathing slowed and I stepped over the body. The sun was up, but there were still things to fear on the street. Vampires were the least of my worries. I walked passed the burnt out buildings at the edge of the city and made my way back to my hidden home.

I had heard there were pockets of supernaturals on our side, but when the uprising came, there was nothing we could do. Most of the humans died bloody from those that wanted power, but some of us made it. We survived to face something far worse.

The buildings got smaller as I walked until I was almost at the entrance. I had to remember where to step in order to miss the land mines placed in the courtyard around the old train station. None of us had any idea if they knew where we stayed, but we didn’t want to chance not having a little bit of defense.

The old brick gates were shut tight in front of me. When I got to them, I didn’t have to tell them who I was. They all knew me and why I left when I did.

“Lily, I’m glad you made it back,” The voice said behind the wall. I could see the eyes of the person talking and recognized it as my friend, Sterling. “I’m always waiting for the day I’ll find out your dead.”

“Sorry to disappoint.” I waited as the door opened for me to walk in. When is swung open, I could see him standing there with his AK 47 in hand. He almost never let it leave his side. He was a good looking guy with stark black hair slicked back on his head. He had a cigar sticking out of his mouth while he smiled.

“Did you find anything out there?” He pulled the cigar out of his mouth while he talked.

“Not much. A shifter chewing on some old trash. That’s about it,” I said thinking about the scene I had just dealt with.

“I am glad you came back.” There was a small amount of happiness in his voice. We had met a long time ago when my mother had died. He kept me alive when I thought I was going to die.

We made our way past the guards and down the stairs to the lower levels. The lights flickered behind us as we walked. I could hear the roar of the generators as they worked to keep the electricity on in the lower levels.

“There are some things we need to talk about,” He threw his cigar to the floor and stepped on it with his black combat boots to make sure it was out.

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Hunters Book 1 - out Aug 27th

Talia wanted a normal life, but it just wasn't in the cards. Her father hunts demons and when he goes missing, she will do anything to find him, even burn her own soul.

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