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Spring Comes to Sanctuary by Cooper McKenzie

Spring Comes to Sanctuary

Welcome to Sanctuary 1

Enjoy an adult excerpt from this new paranormal series by Cooper McKenzie, just released this month.

Categories: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Shape-shifter

Word Count: 22,566
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, sex toys]

Wanting to prove she can be a strong, self-sufficient woman of the twenty-first century, Spring Ryan decides to spend her thirtieth birthday hiking the Appalachian Trail through the Smoky Mountains. Her third day in, she’s ready to give up and crawl back into the small box she’s lived in for a dozen years when a pair of Irish Wolfhounds cross her path. When they turn into gorgeous identical twins, she is amazed, especially when they claim she is their mate.

Adam and Brock Sullivan are the oldest of four sets of twins living in the hidden valley of Sanctuary. They had just about given up on ever finding their mate when they come across her just two miles from their home.

Can Spring make a life for herself in Sanctuary? Will her family accept her decision to live with and love both men?

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The moment his lips touched hers, Brock’s cock throbbed painfully. He’d gotten hard up on the trail sniffing her scent for the first time. Now he was ready to come just holding her in his arms and kissing her. If she didn’t agree to the mating soon, he might embarrass himself by coming without any further stimulation.

When Spring pressed closer and moaned, “More,” against his lips, he knew it was time.

Lifting his head, he met her burning gaze and smiled. “Does that mean you agree to be our mate?” His wilder side waited impatiently as she paused a single moment before nodding.

“Yes, I want to be your mate, both of you,” she said, reaching behind her to Adam.

Brock grinned over her shoulder as his brother moved to them in a group hug.

“We’ll take good care of you, princess. For the rest of our lives we’ll make you the happiest woman on Earth,” Adam said, as he reached for the buttons of her shirt.

It took no time to strip the shirt from her, and then they sighed together as bare skin pressed against bare skin. Spring trembled in his arms as he ran his hands from the nape of her neck down her spine to cup the full cheeks of her ass. Adam’s hand slid between their chests to cup her full breasts.

“So how does this work?” she panted, punctuating each word with a kiss across the front of his chest.

“Come back to bed and we’ll show you,” Adam said, as he guided them toward the bed.

Once the back of his legs metthe edge of the bed, Brock bent his knees until her pussy was level with his waist. Then he stood, lifting her easily before sitting down and sliding back toward the center of the bed. Once he was in place, he lifted his hips, giving Adam room to slide two pillows beneath them. That would lift their pretty little mate’s pussy to where they could both get at it.

* * * *

Spring found herself kneeling over Brock, the puffy lips that guarded her clit resting against the head of his cock. Though she wanted this, all at once she was uncertain. But before she could say anything, Brock pulled her down and kissed her. When his fingers began to play with her nipples, all thought slipped from her mind like shadows in sunlight.

A moment later she felt warm hands moving across her back then down lower to massage the cheeks of her ass. Then they slid between her wide spread thighs to pull apart the lips protecting her clit. Once those lips embraced his brother’s cock, Adam moved his hands to her hips. He began to ease her back and forth so her clit rode the length of Brock’s cock.

“Ooh.” She breathed when Brock released her lips. “More. I need more,” she then pleaded, not sure exactly what she was asking for, just voicing her need.

Instead of verbally answering, Adam moved in behind her. Leaning over her, he kissed the nape of her neck right before she felt his cock at the hot, open entrance to her pussy.

“Are you sure, princess?” he asked, stopping with just the tip inside her.

“Yes, Adam, please make me yours.”

Lifting her head, she turned it as far as she could to see Adam’s tight, passionate expression. His green eyes met hers and glowed like neon as he slowly pushed his long, thick erection into her.

“Yes,” she purred, arching her back up to meet him. Her breath caught when the move pressed her clit even harder against Brock’s cock.

Adam paused for an endless few seconds once he was fully seated inside her. “God, you feel so damn good, princess. I don’t think I’ll be able to last,” he said in a deep, growly voice that sent shivers of need through her.

“I know I won’t unless you get your ass moving,” Brock replied, his voice equally deep and rough.

“So move, already,” she demanded, fighting Adam’s hold on her hips. She could almost reach out and touch her orgasm, but needed just a little more before she could fully embrace it. “I’m so close. I need…please…Adam, fuck me.”

Her words, as well as the wiggling of her hips, seemed to shred the last of his control. Pulling back until just the head remained within her pussy, Adam began a hard, fast rhythm,the angle of which pressed her clit even harder against the underside of Brock’s cock while he continued to play with her tits.

It wasn’t long before every nerve in her body ignited as the two brothers worked together for her satisfaction. “Oh, God, I’m coming,” she screamed, dropping her head to Brock’s chest as fire raced from her clit up her spine to her brain, then out to every molecule in her body.

Adam called out a moment later, just before she felt the brothers sucking on the skin at both sides of her neck where they flared into shoulders. The slight pain prolonged her orgasm, turning the fire that raced through her white-hot. As the pain and the pleasure continued, Adam pulled his cock from her and Brock immediately slid his in to fill her pussy.

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