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A FUTURE FOR THREE by Rachel Clark


A Contemporary Erotic Alternative Menage a Trois Romance, F/F/M, by Rachel Clark

They've been best friends since high school, but can Emma, Casey and Jason follow their hearts without ruining their friendship?

Emma and Jason are concerned when Casey comes home exhausted after a hold up at the bank where she works. When she falls silent in the bath, they both fear the worst and break in to find her sleeping. That's when Jason notices how deep Emma's love is for her best friend and he finally understands why he's never been able to tell Emma how he feels. If Emma loves Casey, where does that leave him?


"Wake up, sleepyhead."

Emma woke slowly, her eyes fluttering until she realized where she was. Her entire body jolted as she focused on Casey lying on the pillow facing her, Jason's arm draped protectively over her stomach.

"Uhm…I'm sorry…you were…uhm…dreaming, a nightmare…" She sucked in a deep breath, a part of her realizing that this was it, this was the part where they explained how much they loved each other. Tears threatened to spill, and her voice jammed in her throat. Desperately swallowing, Emma inched backwards, trying to untangle herself from the blankets and Casey's slender limbs.

"I should go."

She'd almost made it off the bed when Casey leaned over her and did the last thing she expected, and the one thing she'd been hoping for. Casey pressed her lips to Emma's as she wrapped her slender arms around Emma's waist.

Emma groaned and opened her mouth against the insistent tongue that slid again and again against her lips. With a soft sigh, Casey deepened the kiss, pushing Emma back onto the pillow at the same time that she felt Jason's hands smoothing over the rounded curve of her stomach and up to the underside of her breasts. Large, warm hands cupped her sensitive flesh, thumbs rolling over her nipples as they stiffened and sent shooting arrows of warmth straight to her clitoris.

Smaller hands began to unbutton her pajamas, and Emma wished she'd thought to wear her sexy silk instead of her comfortable flannelette pair. She was probably blushing, but considering that Casey still kissed her, their tongues dancing, sliding together, she somehow didn't care.

Jason groaned as the final button came undone and the material fell away from her chest.

She felt the bed shake as he maneuvered his way over to her side and slid down to suck a turgid nipple into the hot cavern of his mouth. Emma squeaked against Casey's mouth as he caught the rosy pink nub between his teeth and bit gently. Heat pooled between her legs as his hands scooped into the waistband and began ever so slowly pushing the pajama pants and underwear down her legs and off her feet.

Emma broke the kiss, both of them breathing heavily, and Casey gazed into her eyes before giving her one of her amazing smiles and then lowering her head to the breast Jason had abandoned. Emma nearly lifted off the bed when Jason pushed her legs apart, wedged his shoulders between her thighs, and used his fingers to separate the folds that hid her clit. She moaned in sweet ecstasy when his warm tongue laved the rapidly swelling flesh, and then almost forgot how to breathe when he slid closer to gently suck on her clitoris. He pressed her to the bed, her pulse pounding in her ears, as he flicked and tortured the captured nub held between his teeth. She panted as her muscles coiled tight, Casey worshipping her breasts and Jason setting off electrical charges in her womb.

Tension arched her spine, her legs lifting her pussy and breasts into heated mouths. Her embarrassment fled, and only ecstasy remained. Jason gripped her tighter, his big hands kneading the soft flesh of her ass as he tilted her tumescent flesh closer to his mouth. Gasping for air, Emma threw her head back and screamed as every muscle shook violently and liquid heat coursed through her. She jolted against them again and again as they continued torturing her sensitized flesh until they'd wrung every bit of ecstasy from her climax.

Jason laid his face against her rounded stomach, breathing heavily as Casey lifted her head and kissed Emma sweetly.

"You are so beautiful, Emma. So responsive, so natural."

A deep, rumbling chuckle escaped Jason's mouth as he lifted himself closer to kiss Emma and smile into her eyes.


Then he turned to Casey, his smile lascivious as he asked a question Emma had only ever heard in her dreams. "Do you want to know how sweet our Emma tastes?"

Casey nodded her head and smiled as she learned toward Jason and licked his lips before kissing him as thoroughly as she'd kissed Emma earlier. Emma could only watch in amazement as they kissed above her at the same time that they both tweaked her nipples. Electrical pulses again sent desire coursing through her, and she moaned in appreciation when Casey moved to lie between her thighs and Jason helped Casey remove her silk negligee and panties.

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