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Rachel Clark's retro release will raise your temperature while it tugs at your heartstrings. Enjoy the excerpt!

Ménage and More: Erotic Alternative Ménage a Trois Romance, F/F/M

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When Bec's husband tells her she's past her use by date and walks away, she has no idea that her life is just beginning.

Five years ago Bec ran from her confused feelings and wild attraction for both of her closest friends, Teagan and Justin. Now, as she tries to reclaim her identity and heal, Teagan and Justin step in to help her, and claim her heart once and for all. But does Bec have the courage to embrace the happiness they offer?


Teagan smiled again.

"Hon," she whispered, "show me you, let me love you. Let us make you feel as beautiful as you look."

Bec tingled all over from their encouragement and loving words. Shaking just a little, she released her grip on the towel and opened herself to them, body, mind and soul. She loved both of them and if this was her only chance to show them, she would take it. Warm hands ran up and down her arms, her legs, over her stomach, as whispered reassurances melted any doubts she still harbored about her curves.

Her breasts grew heavy, her nipples beading, straining for Justin's and Teagan's touch. Teagan leaned over, laved the nipple closest to her with her tongue, while Justin pinched and rolled the other in his calloused fingers and watched Bec's face as she reacted to their gentle assault on her senses.

"That's it, Bec. Open your legs, sweetheart. Let me see your beautiful pussy."

Justin pulled her left leg toward him, opening her dripping labia to his sight. His nostrils flared as he smelled her arousal, and he leaned forward to place a tender kiss on her stomach. Tweaking her nipple once more, he grabbed a hold of Teagan's arm, and together, their hands moved toward Bec's throbbing vagina. Justin separated the folds and found Bec's swollen clitoris as Teagan pushed a finger into Bec's heat. She was so wet she could feel her cream gliding down the seam of her ass. No longer able to lay still, Bec found herself grinding herself onto their fingers, trying to get closer, straining toward something she'd never felt before.

Grinning now, Justin slid off the bed and onto the floor. Grabbing Bec's ankles, he pulled her slowly, deliberately toward the base of the bed until her ass was barely on the end and her pussy pointed toward him. Lifting her legs over his shoulders, he ran his tongue up the seam of her pulsing lips before plunging it into her heat and tasting her. Bec nearly bucked off the bed in reaction to the intense sensation.

Teagan captured Bec's mouth again and Bec moaned at the delicious sense of rightness as their tongues tangled in a sensual dance. Justin groaned and pushed Bec's thighs wider as he sank his tongue deeper into her pussy. He licked her labia with a single long sweep, sucked the swollen lips into his mouth, and ran his tongue over the quivering flesh. Every muscle in Bec's body pulled tighter. He sucked and licked at her clit, breathing faster, pushing her arousal higher. His fingers played over the sensitive skin on her thighs, pressed her hips harder against the mattress. Her body began to shake, her muscles tensing as she thrashed against his hold, the erotic thrill—two lovers, two mouths—almost overwhelming her senses.

Bec's belly squeezed tighter. She gasped for air. Caught in the grip of unfamiliar sensation, her body undulated of its own accord. Teagan grabbed Bec's breast, tweaked her nipple as her pussy started to convulse around Justin's tongue. Bec held her breath, her body arching, a low moan escaping as her orgasm exploded through her. Her entire body shook violently, her legs shaking, every muscle quivering.

They held her as she caught her breath, her body still trembling as Justin gentled her overheated flesh with his tongue. Liquid heat flowed through her veins and her body finally relaxed, seeming to melt onto the mattress.

Sated for the first time in her life and filled with glowing comfort, Bec closed her eyes and smiled. She almost leapt off the bed when she felt Teagan's fingers slip back into her still sensitized flesh. Opening her wider, Teagan pushed her fingers farther inside and used her other hand to pinch and play with her clitoris. Bec barely had time to take a breath before her second climax hit her. Gasping, Bec moaned as heat flooded her body and her mind shattered into a million incoherent thoughts.

Surging over her, Justin planted a tender kiss on her lips and smiled. "See what your body can do with the right partner?" She smiled back at him and then looked past him to Teagan, but Teagan seemed already distracted by other concerns as she nibbled on her husband's ear.

Suddenly embarrassed that she'd let them both show her comfort in this way, Bec went to roll off the bed to give them some privacy. Misery swamped her as the realization that, no matter that they were her two closest friends in the world, she was still the third wheel and didn't really belong here.

As she moved, four hands reached for her and pulled her back into the middle of the bed.

"Where do you think you're going?"

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