Friday, December 3, 2010

Chemistry by Lewis DeSimone

Chemistry by Lewis DeSimone is the book I chose for my partner in the October Goodreads MM Pick-it-for-Me Challenge. I discovered it by accident. I was reading another book and one of the characters in that story was reading Chemistry. Of course I had to know more about it. I looked it up on Amazon and ended up downloading it for my Kindle. It literally blew me away.

It’s hard to believe this is the author’s first book. It’s a beautifully written, intense story that addresses some complex subjects - attraction, love, mental illness and codependence. The characters were so real to me that I thought about them long after I finished reading. I hope to see more from this talented author.

Neal has a frustrating relationship with a bisexual man and he moves from Boston to San Francisco. Martin, the brother of a friend, shows him around and takes him dancing. It’s there he meets the good-looking and out-going Zach. The attraction is mutual and a relationship develops. But Zach has mood swings that get progressively worse. Neal is supportive but it soon becomes apparent that Zach’s deep-seated problems may drag him down.

Chemistry is available at Amazon:

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