Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ta-da! Unveiling the cover for my January release – POINT OF BEGINNING

Here it is! I’m cutting the ribbon and opening the champagne now. The cover art for POINT OF BEGINNING was done by the very talented Reese Dante. Thank you Reese. You captured Jack and Alex perfectly.

POINT OF BEGINNING is book 1 of a series – THE GENTLEMEN’S CLUB. It will be released by Silver Publishing on January 8, 2011. The story means a lot to me personally. More on that in the days to come. Right now here’s a little taste to whet your appetite.

Jack Monroe is bi-curious but after he falls for a certain curly-haired surveyor, he’s ready to admit he’s gay. Too bad Alex James is straight and has a girlfriend who keeps him on a short leash.

When Jack has a chance to act out his fantasy at The Gentlemen’s Club with an Alex lookalike, he grabs it. But is Jack setting himself up for deep disappointment or will he figure out that there is no perfect romance until you create it.

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Rachel Lynne said...

Congratulations it is a beautiful cover. Point of Beginning sounds very interesting-loving Jack's internal struggle already!

Gale Stanley said...

Thanks Rachel! It's terrible what we put our characters thro, but it makes the end so much sweeter.

Denise said...

Great cover, Gale! I second Rachel's comment about your taking on Jack's struggle.

Denise Golinowski

Gale Stanley said...

Hi Denise, Thanks! I love to make them suffer.