Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Subtext: A Modern Day Tale Of Female Submission

Subtext: A Modern Day Tale Of Female Submission by Kate Marley

The last few books I’ve read have been MM erotic romance. This week I changed up the pace and read a story of female submission. It’s well-written erotica. The author has a great voice, making it an engaging 4 star read for me.

The narrator is an educated woman with a good job. It was during her time in college that she started to explore her interest in BDSM. She describes her journey from first experience, a spanking, to being collared.

Kate doesn’t pull any punches. The sex scenes are hot and very explicit and involve a variety of toys. If you’ve ever wondered about the life of a submissive and why a woman would want to be dominated sexually, SUBTEXT will give you that insight. But if verbal humiliation and pain make you squirm, and not in a good way, then this book isn’t for you.


Kate is a submissive.

In this candid account she explains exactly what that means and what exactly an independent, 21st Century woman gets out of relinquishing her power and personal freedom to a dominant man for their mutual pleasure. From the endorphin rush of her first spanking right through to being collared, Kate explains in frank and explicit fashion the road she travels as she reconciles her sexual needs with the rest of her life. She'd call it her journey if, in the current climate, that didn't make her sound like a reality TV reject. Suffice to say, if you've ever wondered how, when and why a woman would beg someone to cane her until she comes - or if that's even possible - then this is the book for you. And if you haven't, well this book will give you an insight into the deep end of a dating pool you never knew existed.

Daring, controversial, but always fun and astoundingly honest, Subtext will be a book no reader can put down.

Kate Marley is in her early 30s. She is working hard at a career she loves, surrounded by friends, amused and exasperated by her family in about equal measure. Loves animals and Marmite, hates people who stop abruptly when walking down the street so you walk into them, and spends too much money on books, DVDs and handbags, mostly in that order. The one thing missing in her life is someone to share it ... and the fact she wants that someone to dominate her sexually, as well as helping sort the recycling.

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