Saturday, December 18, 2010

** DM2010 ** by Cooper McKenzie

I love a sexy romance where the geek gets the guy - or in this case the girl. DM2010 by Cooper McKenzie did not disappoint. If you like exceptionally written sex scenes with a very unique take on a sex toy, you will love this book.

The characters are well-written, including an excellent supporting cast. The passion between the hero and heroine is tangible and they get busy immediately. But you just know conflict lies ahead. Will they get their happy ending? You gotta read this one!

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, sex toys]

Natalie Sanders needs money to finish her master’s degree and start her life. Reading a help wanted ad in the college paper for a “female tester for new computer device,” she thought it sounded interesting.

Kelso Montgomery needs an assistant to test DM2010--the new dildo-mouse he’s developed--since his mother refuses to test the new device. As soon as he sees Natalie, he knows she’s the one he wants.

When a rival approaches Natalie offering money for information, she has to decide if her loyalties will remain with Kelso or her future. Will she betray Kelso’s trust? Will Kelso be able to fix the defect in his pet project? Will they ever be able to be together without someone interrupting them?

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